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How to Identify the Quality of a Chandelier via Frame

Posted on: 8th. June 2022

When it comes to interior décor, nothing would enlighten a space more than a chandelier. Customers may have a dizzy array of choices that are available to them, as there are plenty of lighting products in the market. We may have been confused that which one should we choose? How to figure out a good-quality light?

Firstly, you need to decide which style you need for your decoration, modern, classic, etc. The decorative lights are supposed to match the interior designs. For a space with a pleasingly simple style, the owner would choose a modern pendant to illuminate the house; for a room with elegant interior designs, a crystal chandelier would be a better choice for the owner to enhance the beauty of the home decoration.

Secondly, what material do you want for the light you like?

Some of the popular materials for your reference: Glass, Steel, Nickel, Bronze, Crystal, and Acrylics.

No matter what kind of material you want for your lighting, the frame is an important factor for you to consider. Usually, the frame of a chandelier is made of metal, which is supposed to bear the weight of the lighting. Some lighting manufacturers would use a frame with thin metal for lower cost consideration.

The thickness of the frame plays a key role in the quality of lights. Just imagine, when it comes to a thin frame, the light would be so fragile and it would be a nightmare for the owner to deal with the company of low quality, which is very dangerous, as well.

Here are some differences for you to make a comparison. We could see the different thicknesses of the frames with naked eyes.

Chandelier Frame

There would be two frames with different thicknesses for your reference.

Chandelier Frame Quality Difference

The first one is only 0.3 mm in the market, is very thin and it could be easily bent by hand, the low quality would terrify the users of the chandelier.

The second which comes from KY Lighting is 1.2mm with a thickness, which is very solid.

Chandelier Frame ThicknessK&Y Quality Chandelier Frame

KY Lighting, as a lighting manufacturer, has built its reputation via providing high-quality lighting products for customers in the entire world. The second frame would be solid enough to bear the weight of the chandelier without a doubt.

From the above image, we could see the difference. The frame in the market with only 0.3mm is easily be bent by hand. Do you think it would be safe for the customers to walk through the space under a chandelier with such a thin frame? Of cause not! However, the frame from KY Lighting with 1.2 mm, would be totally competent for its responsibility as a structure to support the whole chandelier.

The most important factor for customers to buy a chandelier is safety. Some lighting manufacturers in the market would use a thin frame to reduce the cost and attract consumers with low prices, which is very dangerous. KY Lighting always takes responsibility and product high-quality lighting products for consumers. Therefore, when you have a purchasing plan for a chandelier next time, please remember: the quality comes first, instead of the price.


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