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K&Y Lighting, the chandeliers lighting artist, light up your life

Professional Chandeliers Manufacturer

K&Y Lighting is one of the most professional luxury chandelier manufacturers and exporter, with an experienced team in each specialty department: R&D, Sales/Marketing, Production Departments, QC, and Customer Service Departments.

K&Y can offer all kinds of chandeliers, such as custom chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, glass chandeliers, modern chandeliers, antique chandeliers, wrought iron chandeliers, Maria Theresa chandeliers, etc.

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Custom Glass Lighting-KYY4065

The large chandelier is one of the best choices for hotel lightings, it is popular in different markets. As a China large chandeliers manufacturer, K&Y Lighting has many excellent large chandelier designs for your choice.

Antique Crystal Chandelier- KYA25-8L

Crystal chandeliers are the most popular and classical types of chandeliers. As an excellent crystal chandelier manufacturer, K&Y Lighting has a lot of elegant crystal chandeliers for your choice.

Modern Elegant Glass Chandelier - KY Y4063C90

Glass chandelier is one of type of chandeliers, including a lot of styles, such as antique glass chandelier, blown glass chandeliers, Murano glass chandelier, etc.

Classical Maria Theresa Crystal Chandelier KY10221-6L

Maria Theresa Chandelier is made of glass arm with shiny crystals, it is a specific style of crystal chandeliers. K&Y Lighting can provide thousands of Maria Theresa Chandeliers for your choice.

Dark Bronze Modern Chandelier- KY Y6172

The modern chandelier also called contemporary chandelier, is more and more popular in interior design.

Vintage Antique Chandelier - KY829

The antique chandelier is one of the old-style chandeliers, and it has developed a lot now.

Elegant Wrought Iron Chandelier- KY Y1044FG60

The wrought iron chandelier is mainly made of metal, with a heavy metal texture.

K&Y Lighting: Your Reliable Chandeliers Supplier in China

To catch with the latest innovations and trends in the lighting industry, K&Y’s excellent R&D and marketing team are constantly working to introduce new lighting designs each month. It provides enough SKU for your choice.

K&Y new-design and high-end chandeliers are commonly used in Homes, Hotels, Convention halls, Ballrooms, Building Lobby, Apartments, Condominiums, Offices, Shopping malls, Boutique shops, Furniture shops, Cloth shops, etc. Even suitable used in event and wedding party.

Also, as one of the largest chandeliers suppliers in China. K&Y Lighting holds CE and UL approval for our different ranges of lighting products, right now, we export to North America, Europe, and many other markets. We are working with a lot of branded companies in the lighting industry over the world now.

We have around 50 staffs and nearly 5000 square meters factory. We are very strict with producing process to assure the end up product in high quality. Since the high quality, all our customers have a very stable business relationship after the first cooperation.

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K&Y RoHS Certification K&Y CE Certification K&Y CB Certification K&Y CB Certification

K&Y Lighting Best Sellers Chandeliers

K&Y Lighting Provide Luxury Chandeliers OEM&ODM Service

K&Y Lighting provides one-stop luxury chandelier lights purchase service, (Including lighting design, Production, Inspection, Shipment, product photographs, product catalog making and printing and etc.)

Based on professional design & production capacity, we provide not only OEM but also a complete ODM service.

Just send us your detailed requirement, we will give you the best chandeliers solution.

K&Y can Custom your Luxury Chandelier Designs

No high-end chandeliers or projects are too big or too small for us. We can custom your chandeliers based on your designs, like custom crystal chandeliers, custom glass chandeliers, custom Maria Theresa chandeliers, custom Baccarat chandeliers, custom modern chandelier, custom wrought iron chandeliers, etc.

Please complete the form, and our sales team will be in touch with you shortly.

K&Y Lighting Chandelier Drawing


Chandelier FAQs

What is Your Chandelier Made of?

Different types of the chandelier are made of different materials. For example, the crystal chandelier mainly made of crystal and iron, but K&Y can custom crystal chandeliers in brass metal. It is hard to say the materials for each type of chandelier.

As a professional luxury chandelier manufacturer, K&Y Lighting will provide many different materials for your choice. There are some of the materials we usually use in chandelier production, for your reference first.

Iron ironStainless steelstainless steel
Brass brassAluminumaluminum
Zinc Alloyzinc alloyAcrylicacrylic
Fabric fabric shadeResin resin


How Big the Chandelier Can You Make?

K&Y Lighting is very good at custom chandeliers, especially large custom chandeliers. Actually, K&Y Lighting has done an extra-large chandelier with a 4.5m diameter, it is used in a high ceiling church.

Please check the picture for the 4.5m diameter high-end chandelier, it just shows a half part of the metal frame. Due to it is the customer’s design, we could not share the finished picture for reference.

Custom Lighting Manufacturer

As one of the most professional luxury chandelier manufacturers, K&Y Lighting has completed a lot of excellent projects, there are many large chandeliers. For K&Y, no chandeliers are too big.

If you have a large chandelier that needs to design, K&Y Lighting will be your best choice. Our design team will provide you a large chandelier solution that guarantees safety and beauty.

What Kind of Color Can You Use in A Chandelier?

K&Y Lighting is an excellent luxury chandelier lighting manufacturer, providing many kinds of color for a chandelier, like a Black Chandelier, White Chandelier, Pink Chandelier, Blue Chandelier, Red Chandelier, Smoky Chandelier, Clear Chandelier, etc.

Crystal Chandeliers

Whether in home decoration or a project for a hotel, you may have a special color requirement for a chandelier. More selection of color, easier to meet your needs. Choosing K&Y Lighting as your partner, choosing more chandeliers in different colors.

What Type of Chandelier Do You Have?

As a full experience luxury chandelier supplier in China, K&Y Lighting provides all kinds of types of chandeliers. There is a Classical Chandelier, Antique Chandelier, Traditional Chandelier, Modern Chandelier, Elegant Chandelier, Luxury Chandelier, and so on.

K&Y Lighting has a variety of lighting styles to match your different decoration requirements. You can choose from our thousands of lighting designs first, if you find it difficult to choose, we can custom chandeliers for you. The custom chandelier will meet your style, color, size, materials, and target price. Whether you would like to buy or custom chandelier, K&Y Lighting must be your first choice.

What Kind of Chandelier Suitable for Event Party?

Actually, there are lots of chandelier types suitable for event and wedding party, such as crystal chandeliers, glass chandeliers, Maria Theresa chandeliers, Baccarat chandeliers, modern chandelier, wrought iron chandeliers, wood chandeliers, long-chain chandeliers, custom chandeliers, and so on. Which chandelier suitable for use in event party decoration, depends on which style you would like to décor.

chandelier type

You are still difficult to select the chandelier for the event party? Let K&Y help you. As a full experience high-end chandelier manufacturer, K&Y Lighting has more than 10 years of experience in wedding chandelier design.

You can get a custom chandelier solution from us when you are hard to select a chandelier for event party decoration. K&Y Lighting knows about the popularity of the event and wedding party decoration, and our designer always focuses on the client’s needs, custom lighting will design based on it.

Of course, you can select chandeliers from our thousands of models, but the better choice for a wedding chandelier is that custom lighting based on your own style. K&Y Lighting not only has a lot of different styles for chandeliers suitable for event party décor but also has good experience in custom chandeliers for it.

Do you still concern about which chandelier suitable for the event party? Please contact K&Y, we will give you a solution.

How about the Packaging of the Chandelier?

To make sure the lighting fixtures are safe and easy to transport, our K&Y Lighting has very strong and professional packaging for the chandelier. Please check below, you will get some information about our packaging:

  • Additional packaging ensure lighting safety

Regardless of air transport or sea shipping, K&Y always makes additional packaging (like wooden case and paper corner) to make sure the chandelier is safe. For all of the glass and crystal parts, K&Y will use pearl cotton to package. Safety for the chandelier is very important.

chandelier packaging

  • Foldable packaging to save the CBM

Foldable packaging design not only can save the CBM but it also easy to assemble the chandelier for the end-up client. Foldable packaging is very suitable for small and middle-size chandeliers, it will save the shipping cost for you. K&Y always considered the best shipping way for you.

Foldable packaging for chandelier

  • KD packaging for big size chandelier

KD packaging is different from foldable packaging, KD packaging needs to assemble the chandelier, like connect power wire. But KD packaging is a quite important packaging way for a big-size chandelier, it can save the CBM and keep your chandelier safe in transportation.

chandelier KD packaging

  • Recyclable packaging

All of the K&Y packagings is recyclable packaging, meeting environmental requirements. For event and wedding design companies, if you need to rent chandeliers, recyclable packaging is very necessary, you can reuse it again and again.

K&Y Lighting is your reliable and professional chandelier supplier. Choosing K&Y as your partner will be a good choice.

One of the K&Y best seller chandelier – Scandinavian chandelier

The Scandinavian chandelier is one of the popular and classical chandelier designs. The Scandinavian chandelier also called the Nordic style chandelier, with its simple design is popular in home decoration.

K&Y Lighting is one of your professional chandelier manufacturers, we are very good at producing Scandinavian lighting and there are lots of Scandinavian designs. For example, Scandinavian wood chandeliers, modern Scandinavian chandeliers, Scandinavian pendant lights, etc. The Scandinavian chandelier is quite suitable for interior design, and K&Y has exported many Scandinavian lighting fixtures all over the world.

Please check the pictures, there are some of our excellent Scandinavian lighting fixtures. K&Y Lighting produces high-quality Scandinavian chandeliers, and most important that we can custom your Scandinavian lighting based on your requirement.

Just contact K&Y to custom your Scandinavian lighting fixtures!

scandinavian chandelier scandinavian lighting

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