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K&Y Lighting has been providing church lighting for more than 10 years and has completed a lot of church projects with beautiful and fashionable church lighting fixtures. K&Y church lighting is of high quality and elegant design, and all of our church lighting designs are available in LED and Fluorescent lamping options. Besides, K&Y can custom your church lighting, we offer a wide range of finishes color for your choice, even for materials and lighting style.

As one of the most professional and excellent church lighting suppliers from China, K&Y Lighting can provide thousands of church lighting designs for your reference. There are led church lighting, contemporary church lighting, traditional church lighting, antique church lighting, church chandelier, church pendant light, church ceiling light, etc. Selecting the suitable church lighting for your place of worship is one of the most important decisions. You would choose your church lighting design from thousands of K&Y lighting fixtures or you could custom lighting based on your own style.

If you have any church lighting inquiries, please contact K&Y Lighting, you will have a good lighting solution.

Church Chandelier

Right now, the church chandelier is one of the most popular church lighting designs for church decoration, especially popular in new-style churches. The new-style church often holds weddings and other events, and the church chandelier can not only serve the purpose of decoration but also create the atmosphere. K&Y Lighting is your excellent chandelier manufacturer, you can get any style of church chandelier lighting to decorate the church.

In the old-style church, the old church chandelier which also called an antique church chandelier is more popular. Usually, the old-style church is bigger than the new-style ones, so it will need a large chandelier to decorate. K&Y Lighting has done many custom large chandeliers for church projects, there are H3.8m*D2.5m glass chandeliers, H6m*D4.5m empire chandeliers, the series of H2*D1.2m antique crystal chandeliers, etc.

Church Pendant Light

K&Y Lighting also has church pendant light for your choice, and our church pendant light fixtures usually custom based on client’s needs. With a simple design and high quality, the K&Y church pendant light makes the church more beautiful and brilliant. In most church project cases, the pendant light usually used with church chandeliers and wall lights, different spaces will have different feels.

Church Ceiling Light

K&Y church ceiling light is another popular church lighting design for church projects. If the high ceiling light using the ceiling will make the church looks more spacious. K&Y Lighting is your professional church lighting supplier, you will have a suitable and perfect church ceiling light solution, how to install, how to clean will more easy, we will consider for you. Besides, you can custom your church ceiling light fixtures to meet your own needs.


K&Y Lighting: Your Reliable Church Lighting Supplier in China

K&Y Lighting is working in the lighting industry for more than 10 years, we are very good at producing church lighting, especially good at church chandeliers. Nowadays, more and more churches need renovation, many of our clients contact us for custom church chandeliers.

Our clients explained their requirements and sent us pictures of churches that need to be refurbished. K&Y professional design team will provide one or more suitable church lighting solutions for choice, after confirming the solution, you will have a drawing and sample color to confirm. In the production, you will get some pictures to know about the production process.

K&Y Lighting is your excellent church lighting supplier, any inquiries for church lighting, just contact us.

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