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Church Project-Luxury Custom Lighting


K&Y extra-large custom chandelier is about 6 meters in height and 4.5 meters in diameter, it is made of high-quality metal and Chinese top-line crystal with a shiny gold finish. K&Y Lighting made several models for this luxury chandelier, and they will be used in the high-end church for decoration.

Custom lighting-luxury chandelier

  • Communication & Design

As your professional custom lighting manufacturer, K&Y Lighting always has an in-depth understanding of customer requirements for bespoke lighting. And our excellent designer team always tries their best to support the client’s ideas.

  • Production

In the production process, K&Y Lighting is very strict with quality control. Each step is strictly completed in accordance with the production drawings to ensure the quality and design of the final custom lighting.

  • Trial Installation of Hardware frame
Trial installation of custom lighting
Trial installation of bespoke lighting hardware frame, we are checking its quality and structure.
  • Quality Control

K&Y Lighting is one of the most reliable custom lighting suppliers from China, we have a professional QC team to control the custom chandelier quality in every process.

  • Trial Installation of Finished Product
  • Packaging

Strong packaging is very important for custom lighting. K&Y Lighting is an excellent lighting manufacturer, always makes strong and professional packaging for bespoke lighting.

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