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Custom Chandeliers for the Event Project


Events, such as wedding and party, are bound to be well decorated. Event lighting is a significant part for event decoration and fabulous event chandelier would stand out from event decoration, as lighting is a vital part for this kind of application. As a professional lighting manufacturer, one of KY Lighting’s mission is to bring beautiful lighting for events.

Recently, KY Lighting has done an event lighting project, and we have done several custom chandeliers for the event project, please have a check for your reference.

  Communication and Drawings

We would contact our clients shortly once we get an inquiry. with communication, we would figure out what kind of lighting are they looking for. For custom lighting, detail is everything. With knowing the designs, we would prepare the drawings.

There are three bespoke chandeliers requires for drawings according to our client. With designs from our customer, we finished the drawing, made the modification, and finally got confirmation.

  Confirmation of chandelier accessories and Colors

For custom made chandeliers, it’ s necessary to send accessory parts and color swatch to clients to make a choice. Suitable and high-quality fitting parts matter a lot for the final chandeliers.

  The driver of the Led Strip & Color temperature

The driver of let strips for led chandeliers would be required from the prominent brands preferably Osram /Tridonic /TCI/Philips/ Meanwell. This time, we provided drivers named by MEAN WELL, which is a leading switching power supply manufacturer.

The high-quality driver is pivotal for a led chandelier with the continuous use for in a long time. KY Lighting would never use low quality parts to cut the cost as quality is our key to get the trust from our clients.

Different color temperature creates various atmosphere. The mood severed by lighting for an event is obviously important. For Led chandeliers, it would be provided led strips in certain color temperature. The customer preferred 4000K this time.

  Trial Assembly

Before shipping, we would do trial installation for clients for some reference. For custom led chandelier, trial assembly is even more important as we need to make sure every parts work well, including led strips.

Here are some pictures of the trial installation, which we could see the elegance of the event chandeliers.

Here is a video for some reference:


Solid and safety package is extremely essential for delivery. The package of KY Lighting makes sure that the custom chandeliers would be transported to the detestation safe and solid.  As event chandeliers would be rented and needs to be installed and disassembly, the package would be even more demanding for the fragile accessories, led strips of Led chandeliers, which allows reuse.

Here are some photos for our package for the custom event chandeliers.

KY Lighting offers various of designs for event Lighting, such as crystal chandeliers, acrylic chandelier, metal chandeliers, glass chandelier, led chandelier, from classic to modern style. Please be free to contact us when you have a need for event chandeliers. KY Lighting would be your great event partner.

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