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K&Y Lighting is one of the leading custom chandeliers manufacturers. K&Y’s professional design team has designed lots of excellent custom chandeliers, like large chandeliers, extra-large chandeliers, modern large chandeliers, art glass chandeliers, large empire chandeliers, large candle chandeliers, large flush mount chandeliers, rustic large chandeliers, etc.

Custom chandeliers are more and more popular in custom projects now. Custom lighting is an interesting work, you can choose all the details based on what you like, such as materials, finish, style, etc. As a professional custom lighting supplier, K&Y helps many customers complete lots of custom chandeliers.

If you have any custom chandelier projects, please contact K&Y, you will have a good solution.

Custom lighting-Large Modern Chandelier-KYY7002AS-24L-S

This is a high-quality custom chandelier in the modern style. Made of metal with fabric lampshades. The custom chandelier is widely used in the hotel lobby, villas, restaurants, real estate, and office buildings, even for wedding and event parties.

Elegant Custom Crystal Lighting-KY Y6203C120

Elegant Modern crystal chandelier with the Chinese top-line crystal in shiny chrome finish, this beautiful chandelier features a 21-light design and is decorated and draped with clear crystals.

Antique Custom Crystal Lighting-KYY3988

Antique Custom Crystal Lighting with 53-light design and is decorated and draped with clear crystals. This bespoke lighting is quite suitable for events and wedding parties.

Custom Maria Teresa Crystal lighting-KY42001

Classical Maria Theresa custom chandelier with 60 lights. Its sophisticated beauty and stunning details make your room perfect. This custom lighting has been selected by a lot of customers for projects.

Custom Maria Theresa Lighting -KY5080

Elegant design for custom Maria Theresa lighting, with luxury crystals and a high-quality metal frame. It is popular in event and wedding party decoration. Even for projects like villas, hotels, office buildings, etc. The amazing custom design will make your project amazing.

Custom Maria Theresa Crystal Lighting -KYY5025

The best quality of golden finish metal and clear crystal are made up of this Custom Maria Theresa Crystal Lighting. Traditional style and luxury design will make this custom chandelier more popular. It has been used in many high-end projects.

Custom Glass Lighting-KYY4065

The elegant custom lighting with empire style. Made of shiny top-line crystals and chrome metal. It is perfect for any decoration of hotels, villas, events, and so on. A high-quality custom glass chandelier is your good choice for the project.

Custom Classical Lighting-KYY1039

Most classical custom lighting with antique bronze finish and high-end crystals. This luxury chandelier features a 66-lights design and is decorated and draped with crystals that capture and reflect the light of elegance. It usually used in the hotel reception area, lobby, meeting room, etc.

Antique Custom Lighting-KYY7015

Antique custom lighting with a simple design. It made of an antique bronze finish with fabric lampshades. This custom chandelier is widely used for many custom projects, like villas, restaurant, hotel lobby, etc.

K&Y Lighting: Your Reliable China Custom Chandeliers Supplier

As your excellent China custom chandeliers supplier, K&Y Lighting is very good at producing large chandeliers. Actually, K&Y has completed many large chandeliers and Extra-large chandeliers for high ceilings, there are 6 meters high for extra-large chandeliers we have done for the church project.

Besides, K&Y Lighting has completed a lot of art glass chandeliers as well. The elegant design- art glass chandeliers can custom in many different colors, K&Y has done blue art glass chandeliers, green art glass chandeliers, pink art glass chandeliers, white art glass chandeliers for the project.

For the large empire chandelier, it is one of K&Y best seller designs for custom chandeliers. K&Y Lighting has completed lots of large empire chandeliers for event and wedding party projects.

The large candle chandelier is one of a classical style of custom chandeliers. Our professional design team can custom candle chandeliers in different styles, such as luxury large candle chandeliers, elegant large candle chandeliers, antique large candle chandeliers, modern large candle chandeliers, etc.

The large flush mount chandelier is another popular custom chandelier design. It is suitable for projects with short ceilings. K&Y Lighting can provide you modern large flush mount chandeliers, antique large flush mount chandeliers, unique large flush mount chandeliers, and so on.

K&Y Lighting, your most professional custom chandeliers supplier. Please contact us if you have any custom chandeliers projects. You will have a good solution from us.

Custom Chandeliers Application

Due to the unique design, custom chandeliers are more and more popular in the project decoration. The custom chandeliers are widely used in different spaces, like a hotel lobby, hotel reception area, villa, church, museum, office, restaurant, event and wedding party, meeting room, dining room, living room, etc.

As an excellent bespoke chandeliers manufacturer, K&Y Lighting has done many different projects for different clients. K&Y custom lighting always meets high quality and unique design. Choosing K&Y as your custom lighting partner, you will have a good solution.

K&Y RoHS Certification K&Y CE Certification K&Y CB Certification K&Y CB Certification

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K&Y Lighting Provide All Types of Custom Chandeliers OEM&ODM Service

K&Y Lighting provides one-stop custom chandeliers purchase service, (Including lighting design, Production, Inspection, Shipment, product photographs, product catalog making, and printing and etc.)

Based on professional design & production capacity, we provide not only OEM but also a complete ODM service.

Just send us your detailed requirement, we will give you the best custom chandelier solution.

K&Y can Custom your Chandeliers

No custom chandeliers or projects are too big or too small for us. We can custom chandeliers based on your designs, such as large chandeliers, art glass chandeliers, large empire chandeliers, large candle chandeliers, large flush mount chandeliers, etc.

Please complete the form, and our sales team will be in touch with you shortly.

Custom Crystal Pendant Lamp drawing


Custom Chandeliers Project Case

As one of the most professional Chinese custom chandelier manufacturers, K&Y Lighting has finished a lot of excellent custom chandelier projects. There are custom crystal chandelier designs, custom glass chandelier designs, custom brass chandelier designs, etc.

This is one of K&Y’s custom brass chandeliers, with fabric lampshades. The elegant custom chandelier is 1.85 meters high, made of a shiny gold finish, this simple design chandelier is using in the hotel lobby.

cutom chandelier

Our client sent us a picture of the inquiry, after communicating several times, the order has confirmed. Then our designer made a drawing for the client and sent a sample color for choice. The client selected a metal finish in his own style so it is different from the reference picture in the drawing.

custom chandelier drawing

We are K&Y Lighting, one of the Chinese professional custom chandelier suppliers. Choosing us for your custom lighting partner must be the best choice.

How to Make Sure Your Custom Chandelier Same as My Picture or Drawing?

For custom lighting, you are very concerned about that how to make sure the custom chandelier is the same as your picture or drawing. Let K&Y tells you how we do:

  • As your professional and excellent custom chandelier manufacturer from China, K&Y Lighting has a professional design team, and our designer will provide you the drawing before producing the custom chandelier. If you are not satisfied, we will modify the drawing until meeting your requirements.

custom chandelier professional design team

  • After you confirmed the drawing, K&Y will send some samples (like metal finish, style of lamp arm, crystal color and shape, etc.) for your reference. As an excellent custom chandelier supplier, K&Y Lighting has a lot of color samples and lamp arm styles for your choice.

Custom lighting spare parts Custom lighting arms style

  • In the production process, there are two trial installations to make sure the custom chandelier is the same as your picture or drawing.

K&Y will install the custom chandelier when the metal frame has done. In this part, our designer will check the structure of the custom chandelier, if there is any need for improvement, the designer will modify the hardware structure to ensure that the finished custom chandelier is consistent with your picture.

custom chandelier

The second trial installation is after the custom chandelier is completed. K&Y will check the finish color and overall chandelier to ensure it is the same as the confirmed drawing.

custom chandelier

We are K&Y Lighting, one of the most professional and excellent custom chandelier factory, will try our best to make sure the custom chandelier is the same as your idea.

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