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Custom Lighting: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Posted on: 16th.Apr.2021

This guide will help you choose high-end custom lighting. It covers everything you have been looking for, such as design, material types, advantages, cost, and other key aspects. Therefore, please read this guide before purchasing custom lighting.

Custom Ceiling Light


1.What is Custom Lighting?

Custom lighting also called bespoke lighting is changing and adapting to existing products in some way. The custom lighting adopts the design concept and builds a new light source. In addition, custom lighting is an ideal solution for special projects.

Custom lighting just like a “unique work” designed by yourself. You can design all the details in your own style, usually include requests for one or more of the following:

  • Design the overall appearance of the lighting according to your needs.
  • Choose materials according to your own needs.
  • Use customized surface treatment on metal and crystal.
  • Determine that the main function of lighting fixtures is decoration or lighting.


2.What is Custom Lighting made of?

K&Y Lighting is your professional custom lighting manufacturer, will introduce you to some common custom lighting materials for reference. In most cases, the choice of materials is an important part of bespoke lighting design and manufacturing.

Please check the main materials below for your reference. Hope it will be helpful for you when you choose the material for custom lighting.

Main material Picture Main material Picture
Iron custom lighting iron Fabric custom lighting fabric shade
Stainless steel custom lighting stainless steel Acrylic custom lighting acrylic
Brass custom lighting brass Resin custom lighting resin
Aluminum custom-lighting-aluminum Feather custom lighting feather
Zinc Alloy custom lighting zinc alloy Wood custom lighting wood
Glass custom lighting glass Stone custom lighting stone
Crystal Ceramic custom lighting ceramic



3.What are the Benefits of Bespoke Lighting?

Some of the benefits of custom lighting include:

  • Project flexibility
  • Retrofit lighting based on your style and need
  • Lighting control (such as wattage, bulb color, light source type, etc.)
  • Strong environmental adaptability
  • More unique than regular lighting


4.How to Make Sure Your Custom Lighting Same as My Picture or Drawing?

For bespoke lighting, you will very concern about that how to make sure the custom lighting is the same as your picture or drawing and how to ensure its quality. Please check the below info:

  • As your excellent custom lighting supplier from China, K&Y Lighting has a professional design team, and our designer will provide you the drawing before producing the bespoke lighting. If you are not satisfied, we will modify the drawing until meeting your needs.

custom lighting drawing

  • After you confirmed the drawing, K&Y Lighting will send some spare part samples (like metal finish, style of lamp arm, crystal color and shape, etc.) for your reference. As an excellent custom lighting supplier, K&Y Lighting has enough spare part samples for your choice.

custom lighting spare parts

  • In the production process, K&Y will make two trial installations to make sure the custom lighting is the same as your picture or drawing. The first time is completed the hardware frame, the second time is completed the final product.

Trial Installation for custom lighting


5.How to Install the Custom Lighting?

Usually, the custom lighting is large in size, it is difficult to package it as a whole. How to install has become an issue of concern to everyone. As your professional and excellent custom lighting supplier, K&Y Lighting always tries its best to help you install large custom lighting more easily.

  • Professional Installation Instructions

You will have professional installation instructions to help you install the custom lighting, it will show each step in detail, with pictures and text descriptions.

installation drawing of custom lighting

  • Video Guide

If you are still worried about installing large custom lighting equipment, there will also be a video guide. It will give you a more intuitive understanding of the installation process.

Custom lighting video

  • On-site Installation Services

As your reliable custom lighting manufacturer, K&Y Lighting could provide on-site installation services for special projects as well. There are many professional installers with good experience in install custom lighting, and they have done many on-site installation services in different projects.

In addition, it is becoming more and more popular to use light lifts for custom lighting installation. This greatly facilitates installation and subsequent cleaning and maintenance. K&Y Lighting could provide guidance on using the light lift.


6.How long will Custom Lighting Last?

For high-quality custom lighting, it can be used for a long time. As long as you maintain and clean regularly.

As your luxury custom lighting factory, K&Y Lighting usually uses high-quality materials to produce bespoke lighting, all of K&Y custom lighting with good quality can be used for a long time.


7.How do you Clean Custom Lighting?

Clean custom lighting is an important part of maintaining beauty and ensuring long-term use.

1.Firstly, in order to ensure your safety, please turn off the light and confirm that there is no electricity during the cleaning process.

2. Remove the crystals from the custom lighting; start from the bottom. Clean the decoration with a detergent solution, rinse with water and wipe with a cloth. Use the same method to clean and dry all the removed glass parts.

3.Metal and glass parts that cannot be removed can be cleaned with a damp cleaning cloth. If you have a microfiber cloth, you can use it to clean the entire custom lighting.

4.If you find it difficult to clean by yourself, you can ask a professional crystal chandelier cleaning company to help.

Cleaning bespoke lighting Cleaning custom lighting


8.What Custom Lighting Designs do you have?

As one of the most professional custom lighting suppliers, K&Y Lighting has all kinds of custom lighting designs. There are custom chandeliers, custom pendant lights, custom ceiling lights, custom table lamps, custom floor lamps, custom wall lights, etc.

With good experience in bespoke lighting, K&Y has completed a lot of hotel lighting projects, villa chandelier projects, church chandelier projects, mosque lighting projects in different markets.

Type of Custom Lighitng


9.How about the Custom Lighting Cost?

There are many cost factors that affect custom lighting. The following are some important factors that affect prices.

  • Quantity

Bespoke the same lighting, the more quantity you order, the lower the price will be. Buying raw materials in bulk quantities will make the price more advantageous. Besides, if your custom lighting needs to make the tooling, the more quantity, the mold cost for each custom lighting will be less.

  • Dimension

It’s easy to understand. The larger the size, the higher the cost. Because the larger custom lighting will be more difficult to design and make, besides the material costs.

  • Material

Usually, the material also affects the price. For example, the price of copper is more expensive than iron, and crystal is more expensive than glass. Different materials will have different prices.

  • Finish

Different finishes can also cause price differences. In general, electroplating is more expensive than painting. For the painting, if you need to make some manual brushed, the price will be more expensive.

  • Structure

In general, the more complex the structure, the higher the price. If your custom lighting installation requirements are relatively high, and you need to make a special structure to suit the installation, the cost will be higher.


10.How can you start Custom Lighting Business?

If you would like to start your custom lighting project, just contact K&Y Lighting, we are one of the most professional custom lighting manufacturers in China. Just tell us your needs and you will have a perfect bespoke lighting solution. Please check the purchasing process for custom lighting:

(Please click on the picture to see more content.)

11.What are the common custom lighting certifications and quality requirements?

custom lighting certifications

As your most professional and reliable custom lighting manufacturer, K&Y will show you some certifications for reference.


The CE mark is an administrative mark indicating compliance with the health, safety, and environmental protection standards of products sold in the European Economic Area (EEA)


The UL mark is a mark indicating compliance with the health, safety, and environmental protection standards of products sold in the United States.

The VDE is a German testing and certification agency responsible for providing VDE testing and certification for products in Germany and other countries/regions.


SAA certification is the Australian Standards Agency certification of the Australian Standards Association. Electrical products entering the Australian market must comply with SAA certification.


PSE is the law governing the safety of electrical appliances in Japan. PSE stands for electrical appliances and materials used for product safety.


RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. Restrict the use of certain hazardous substances found in electrical and electronic products.

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