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K&Y Lighting is a leading manufacturer and supplier of special custom lighting and crystal lighting in China. K&Y Lighting has a very strong design team to support your requirement.

We can custom all kinds of lighting products based on your project need, such as chandeliers, pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps in the modern style, classical style, luxury style, and simple style.

No custom lighting is too big or too small for us. For more than 2 m diameter custom lighting, you not only have a unique design but also have a safety guarantee.

K&Y Lighting has completed many excellent custom lighting in different markets. We have done a lot of custom projects for our clients, like hotels, villas, restaurants, interior designs, real estate, and office buildings, etc. Actually, we have worked with Disneyland shops in Europe and Shanghai.

Custom lighting is perfect for churches, museums, banquet halls, banquet halls, meeting rooms, hotels, villas, restaurants, architectural halls, apartments, etc. Even suitable for event decoration.

Drop us an email and send your detailed requirement now, and our sales team will be in touch with you shortly.

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Custom lighting-Large Modern Chandelier-KYY7002AS-24L-S

K&Y Lighting has many syle of custom chandeliers, like large chandeliers, extra-large chandeliers, modern large chandeliers, art glass chandeliers, large empire chandeliers, large candle chandeliers, large flush mount chandeliers, rustic large chandeliers, etc.

custom lighting-KYY3306C130

The custom pendant lights are one of the popular custom lighting designs in many different markets. K&Y Lighting provides custom crystal pendant lights, custom glass pendant lights, custom brass pendant lights, modern custom pendant lights, antique custom pendant lights for your choice.

Crystal Custom Lighting-Large Flush Mount Chandelier-KYY3962

K&Y Lighting has good experience in custom ceiling lights.Whether you would like custom hotel ceiling lights, custom modern & contemporary ceiling lights, custom antique ceiling lights, or custom brass ceiling lights, K&Y can provide you a good lighting solution.

Manufacturing Your Custom Lighting from K&Y Lighting

K&Y Lighting is a very excellent and professional custom lighting supplier from China, always give a good custom lighting solution for our clients. How to start the custom lighting project with us? Let K&Y show you some information:

K&Y Lighting: Your Reliable Crystal Custom Lighting Supplier in China

As your reliable crystal custom lighting manufacturer, K&Y Lighting has very strong and professional packing for custom lighting. In air transport, we usually make the additional wooden cases to make sure the custom lighting is safe. For large custom lighting, we usually use KD packaging, for small custom lighting is used assembled. Different goods make different packaging, but the safety of the custom lighting is the most important thing.

For the custom lighting installation, we will provide professional installation instructions. If you still have questions about it, we also provide a video guide. Besides, K&Y Lighting can provide on-site installation services for special projects.

Send us your needs, we will give you the best custom lighting solution based on your needs.

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Related Popular Custom Lighting

  • Custom Maria Teresa lighting-KY42001

    Classical Maria Theresa custom chandelier with 60 lights. Its sophisticated beauty and stunning details to make your room perfect. This custom lighting has been selected by a lot of customers for projects.

  • Custom Maria Theresa Lighting -KY5080

    Elegant design for custom Maria Theresa lighting, with luxury crystals and a high-quality metal frame. It is popular in event and wedding party decoration. Even for projects like villas, hotels, office buildings, etc. The amazing custom design will make your project amazing.

  • Custom Glass Lighting-KYY4065

    The elegant custom lighting with empire style. Made of shiny top-line crystals and chrome metal. It is perfect for any decoration of hotels, villas, events, and so on. A high-quality custom glass chandelier is your good choice for the project.

  • Custom Maria Theresa Crystal Lighting -KYY5025

    The best quality of golden finish metal and clear crystal are made up of this Custom Maria Theresa Crystal Lighting. Traditional style and luxury design will make this custom chandelier more popular. It has been used in many high-end projects.

  • Custom Classical Lighting-KYY1039

    Most classical custom lighting with antique bronze finish and high-end crystals. This luxury chandelier features a 66-lights design and is decorated and draped with crystals that capture and reflect the light of elegance. It usually used in the hotel reception area, lobby, meeting room, etc.

  • Antique Custom Lighting-KYY7015

    Antique custom lighting with simple design. It made by antique bronze finish with fabric lampshades. This custom chandelier is widely used for many custom projects, like villas, restaurant, hotel lobby, etc.

  • Custom Crystal Pendant lighting-KYY3020

    Highly quality custom lighting in traditional style. One of our best-seller models with luxury clear crystals and best quality metal. This custom lighting not only has a chrome finish but also has a golden finish in different sizes. It is quite suitable for any custom project.

  • Modern Crystal Custom Lighting-KY Y3303C120

    Custom lighting in modern style. Ring chrome frame with luxury clear crystals. This custom lighting still has many different sizes which will suitable for different rooms. It widely used in the hotel reception area, lobby, restaurant, villa, etc.

  • Custom Modern Crystal Lighting -KY Y3313C100

    New design for custom lighting, a bestseller in many different markets. This custom lighting both with classical and modern style. Its high-end Chinese K9 crystal makes the room more light.

  • Custom String Crystal Lighting-KYY2061

    Elegant and modern style custom lighting with Chinese K9 crystals and high-end quality stainless steel. It is always the best seller in event party decoration. This perfect custom lighting can make different sizes with different colors.

K&Y Lighting Provide All Types of Custom Lighting Solution

K&Y Lighting provides a one-stop Crystal Custom Lighting purchase service, (Including lighting design, Production, Inspection, Shipment, product photographs, product catalog making, and printing and etc.)

Based on professional design & production capacity, we provide not only OEM but also a complete ODM service.

Just send us your detailed requirement, we will give you the best chandeliers solution.


K&Y Can Custom Your Lighting

No custom lighting or projects are too big or too small for us. We can custom lighting based on your designs, such as custom chandeliers, custom pendant lamps, custom ceiling lamps, custom table lamps, custom floor lamps, custom wall lamps, etc.

Please complete the form, and our sales team will be in touch with you shortly.

Custom Crystal Pendant Lamp drawing



Custom Lighting FAQs

What Is Custom Lighting?

Custom Lighting-Ceiling Lamp

Custom lighting just like a “unique work” designed by yourself. You can design all the details in your own style. Custom lighting usually include requests for one or more of the following:

  • Designing overall lighting fixture appearance based on your requirement
  • Choosing materials for your own needs.
  • Using custom finish in metal and crystal.
  • Decide the main function of the lighting fixture is decoration or lighting.

What Kind Of Lighting Can You Custom?

K&Y Lighting can custom any kind of lighting, such as chandeliers, pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps. As a professional custom lighting manufacturer, no lighting is too big or too small for us. K&Y Lighting has completed a lot of custom lighting for different projects in different markets.

Custom Lighting Projects

For using spaces, there are Hotel Lobby Custom Lighting, Ballroom Custom Lighting, Foyer Custom Lighting, Staircase Crystal Custom Lighting, Hallway Crystal Custom Lighting, etc.

For lighting style, there are Traditional Crystal Custom Chandelier, Antique Custom Lighting, String Crystal Custom Lighting, Wrought Iron Custom Lighting, Modern Custom Lighting, etc.

For lighting material, there are Crystal Custom Lighting, Glass Custom Lighting, Brass Custom Lighting, Zinc Alloy Custom Lighting, Acrylic Custom Lighting, etc.

Also, K&Y Lighting can custom the series of chandeliers, ceiling lamps, pendant lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lamps for any projects and rooms.

What Kind of Custom Project Have You Completed?

As a fully experience custom lighting supplier, K&Y Lighting has completed a lot of different custom projects in different markets. We have done many hotel projects, office building projects, shopping mall projects, restaurant projects, church projects, etc. Actually, K&Y Lighting has worked with Disneyland shops in Europe and Shanghai. We will show some of our custom projects below to let you know more about us.

K&Y 5-Star Hotel Project

K&Y Lighting has completed a series of luxury bespoke lighting in six sizes. The biggest bespoke lighting is about 2 meters in dimension, and the smallest one is about 0.8 meters in dimension. These bespoke lighting are made of high-quality crystal and glass, with shiny gold finish metal frames. Please check the pictures, all details are showing high quality. As your excellent bespoke lighting supplier, K&Y Lighting will provide you perfect bespoke lighting with high quality and unique design.

luxury custom lighting

The biggest size of luxury bespoke lighting in dimension 2m

luxury custom lighting details (1)

The details of the biggest bespoke lighting

luxury custom lighting 2

Luxury bespoke lighting in dimension 1.2m

luxury custom lighting 3

Luxury bespoke lighting in dimension 0.8m

K&Y Bespoke Lighting Project for Restaurant

These modern style bespoke lighting are using in the hotel restaurant. They are made of brown glass of high quality. The pictures are trial installation before shipment, the purpose is to check the quality of the finish bespoke lighting. K&Y Lighting has done many similar bespoke lighting for different projects, as your reliable bespoke lighting manufacturer, K&Y will always try our best to support your work.

custom lighting

Modern bespoke lighting in the restaurant center

Glass Custom Lighting Details

Bespoke lighting details show the high quality

small size custom lighting

Small size modern bespoke lighting in the restaurant

If you have any bespoke lighting project need to design, just contact us, you will have a good solution. K&Y Lighting is very strict with quality and we focus on the high-end market. Actually, K&Y Lighting usually uses the best materials for each project, customer satisfaction with our quality is our goal.

K&Y Lighting is your best bespoke lighting supplier.

Can You Custom Lighting For The Event And Wedding Party?

Yes, K&Y Lighting can custom lighting for the event and wedding party. In fact, you need to use many different kinds of lights at the wedding party, such as a chandelier, decorative table lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, and so on. You would like to have a perfect wedding with perfect lighting, custom lighting will be a perfect choice.

Whether you need to decorate an indoor or outdoor wedding party, K&Y Lighting will provide you a good custom lighting solution. Actually, we have done many excellent custom lighting designs for event decoration. There is one of our custom lightings for the event project: the elegant candle holder.

Custom Ligting for event party

As a professional custom lighting manufacturer with a high reputation, our designer usually provides you a professional suggestion based on your ideas. Then we will send a custom lighting drawing for confirmation. At the production, K&Y Lighting will show every process for you, like the semi-finished product, quality inspection, finished product, and packaging, etc.

Why Choose Custom Lighting?

The regular lighting fixture is not perfect for your special project or your dream home.

For a special project, you would like to have a unique lighting design to make your project more perfect. There are many different kinds of projects, like Hotel Project, Restaurant Project, High-end Villa Project, Church Project, Office Building Project, Shopping Mall Project, different projects need different decoration designs.

But the project design is full of uncertainty. The height of the ceiling and the different decorating styles will have different requirements for lighting, such as dimension, material, finish, style, and so on. Buying ready-made lighting is difficult to meet your needs. In these cases, custom lighting will be a good solution.

Custom Lighting for shopping mall

For your dream home, you would like to decorate it in your own style. How can you choose the lighting in modern, classical, and luxury style? You need to match the series chandelier, wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp for your home decoration. At this time, choosing custom lighting is easier to meet your needs and make your home close to your dream.

Custom Lighting for home decoratiom

How to Design Custom Lighting?

  • First, K&Y Lighting will communicate with you and identify your custom lighting needs, such as size, finish, material, crystal color, type of crystal ( like K9 crystal, Asfour crystal, Swarovski crystal, etc. ), number of lights, and so on.
  • After know about your custom lighting requirement, we will provide an estimated price for your reference. Then we will make a custom lighting drawing for the confirmed design, in this part we will modify the drawing until meeting your requirement.

Custom Lighting Drawing

  • When you confirmed the drawing, we will provide the crystal and metal finish sample for final confirmation.
  • Finally, the custom lighting will produce based on your requirement. After completing the custom lighting we have QC to check all details and then shipping it to you.

Custom Lighting Manufacturer

What Materials Do You Use in Custom Lighting?

The selection of material is an important part of custom lighting design and manufacturing. K&Y Lighting usually provides a lot of materials for your choice and all the materials are of the best quality.

We will show you some main materials below for your reference. Hope it will be helpful for you when you choose the material for custom lighting.

Main materialPictureMain materialPicture
Ironcustom lighting ironFabriccustom lighting fabric shade
Stainless steelcustom lighting stainless steelAcryliccustom lighting acrylic
Brasscustom lighting brassResincustom lighting resin
Aluminumcustom lighting aluminumFeathercustom lighting feather
Zinc Alloycustom lighting zinc alloyWoodcustom lighting wood
Glasscustom lighting glassStonecustom lighting stone
Crystalcustom lighting crystalCeramiccustom lighting ceramic

How to Packing Custom Lighting?

K&Y Lighting is one of the most professional custom lighting manufacturers in China, we have very strong and professional packaging for custom lighting.

Small size custom lighting is easier than big size one to packing. Regardless of air transport or sea shipping, we always make additional packing (like wooden case and paper corner) to make sure the custom lighting are safe.

Custom Lighting Packaging (2)

For big size custom lighting, we usually use KD packaging. For all of the glass and crystal parts, we will use pearl cotton to package. Every part of lighting packaging will have a label, which will make the installation more convenient.

Custom Lighting Packaging

Different custom lighting makes different packaging, but safety and easy installation are the most important things.

How to Assemble Custom Lighting?

As mentioned above, K&Y Lighting usually uses KD packaging for big size custom lighting. How to assemble will be your concern.

For the custom lighting installation, we usually provide professional installation instructions, it will show each step in detail, with pictures and text descriptions. If you still worry about that, we also provide a video guide. Most important that K&Y Lighting can provide on-site installation services for special projects.

K&Y Lighting as one of the most professional custom lighting manufacturers in China would be your best choice for project design.

Just contact us, if you need a good custom lighting solution, our professional custom lighting team will get back to you soon.

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