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Custom Shade Lighting Project


Shade lighting has enjoyed its popularity these years due to its possibility for decoration. As a professional lighting manufacturer, KY Lighting spaces no efforts to meet the demand from our clients once we get inquiry relating to shade lamps.

Shade lamps come in a variety of figures, round shade lamp, square shade lamp, bell shade lamp, rectangular shade lamp, drum and oval shade lamp for instance.

It could be divided into different types for shade lamps according to material, such as glass shade light, crystal shade light, paper shade light, rattan shade light, fabric shade light etc.

Among the multitudinous types of shade lights, Fabric shade light wins a slot in Lighting Industry because its flexible decoration. For example, the fabric shade lighting could be in different colors, various patterns according to the space you want to install to create a specific ambience you want. KY Lighting has done a shade lighting project these days and we would show the procedure for your reference. For a shade lamp project, shape pendant, shade floor lamp, shade table lamp and shade wall lamp would always be a good matching.

Inquiry & Communication

Once receiving an inquiry from a customer, KY Lighting would get in touch with our client to get all details about the inquiry and then offer a good solution accordingly. After the communication, we’re happy to know that our client had a demand for custom fabric shade lamps, including shade pendants, matching shade floor lamps and wall shade lamps.


  1. Looking for the lampshades for the client to make a choice

After noticing the requirement from our client, KY Lighting team was engaged in looking for the proper lampshades immediately and then sent the images to our customer for reference.

  1. Wires to matching the chosen lampshades.

After knowing the lampshades the client wanted, the next step is to seek for the matching electronic wires to the lampshades. The colors, lengths and hanging methods needed to be a good match for the lampshades based on requirements from clients.

  1. Samples Production

After the confirmation of lampshades and wires, KY Lighting arranged the proofing production based on request from our client, such sizes, and patterns.

  1. Shade lighting production
  1. Trial Installation of the shade pendants


  1. Trial installation of the matching shade floor Lamps and wall lamps


The safety is very significant during the transportation, especially for exportation. Therefore, KY Lighting always does its best to ensure packaging safety and space –saving. The shade lights, with accessories would be packaged carefully from the beginning.

During the custom shade lighting project, KY Lighting committed to providing a perfect solution for our client and won the satisfaction finally.

No project is too small or too big for KY Lighting; we would always do our best to support our clients. If you have any project relating to lighting, please don’t hesitate to contact KY Lighting anytime.

For more shade lighting, you could have a check the following link for your reference:

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