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As one of the most professional event lighting suppliers from China, K&Y Lighting offers a wide range of chandeliers for parties. There are crystal chandeliers, glass chandeliers, Maria Theresa chandeliers, Wood chandeliers, modern chandeliers, antique chandeliers, large chandeliers, and so on. If you would like to have a special event chandelier, K&Y also offers custom chandelier service, from the small chandeliers to large chandeliers, you will get a good lighting solution.

K&Y always provides good wedding lighting ideas and party lighting ideas for you. K&Y Lighting is working with lots of rent event lighting companies and event design companies all over the world. We have exported thousands of wholesale wedding chandeliers to different markets. With our good experience in wedding chandelier decoration, K&Y wins a high reputation from all our clients. Choosing K&Y, your party lighting will have high quality and unique design.

K&Y Lighting looks forward to being your event lighting partner.

Event chandelier

The event chandelier is an important part of the event lighting. A beautiful event chandelier will make the party looks more perfect. K&Y Lighting, as your excellent event lighting supplier, will provide you a lot of beautiful event chandeliers of high quality. Let us show you what kind of chandeliers are popular at event parties.

  • Wedding Chandelier

Most K&Y wedding chandeliers are designed based on client’s needs. At event parties, the regular chandelier design is difficult to match the party in different styles. You would tell us your requirement first, and our designer will recommend a suitable lighting design to you, it will have a slight adjustment for the chandelier to make sure it is suitable for you. Besides, K&Y can custom chandeliers for wedding décor, as your professional event lighting company, K&Y will offer you a high-quality crystal chandelier.

  • Spiral Chandelier

The spiral chandelier light with elegant style is quite popular in party decoration. K&Y Lighting is very good at producing crystal spiral chandeliers, and we have lots of spiral chandelier lights, like modern spiral chandeliers, black spiral chandeliers, long spiral chandeliers, large spiral chandelier, etc. All K&Y spiral chandeliers are of high quality, and K&Y spiral chandelier can custom in different materials, finish, and style, there are thousands of spiral chandelier lights for your choice.

  • Round Sphere Chandelier

The round sphere chandelier usually in modern style, it is another popular lighting design in event decoration. K&Y Lighting is one of the excellent event lighting suppliers, there are thousands of round sphere chandelier collections for your choice, such as crystal round chandelier, glass sphere chandelier, wooden sphere chandelier, large round chandelier, round chandelier modern, black round chandelier. We would very happy to offer you a party lighting.

  • Crystal Tier Chandelier

K&Y Crystal Tier Chandelier is a modern style chandelier with crystal. It is one of the popular wholesale wedding chandeliers in wedding lighting decoration. K&Y Lighting has many different sizes of the Crystal Tier Chandelier, besides, you can also custom chandeliers based on your own needs, regardless of how big of the chandelier, K&Y can custom for you.

  • Scandinavian Chandelier

K&Y Lighting has provided many elegant Scandinavian Chandeliers for event parties. In recent years, Scandinavian Chandeliers are popular in wedding lighting decoration, K&Y Lighting has custom lots of Scandinavian lighting fixtures for our clients. The Scandinavian lighting is one of the classical lighting fixtures, K&Y has released a lot of modern Scandinavian chandeliers, Scandinavian pendant lights, crystal Scandinavian chandeliers, most of them are using in event party decoration.

  • Empire Chandelier

The empire chandelier not only popular in hotel decoration, but also the best seller in event party décor. Our K&Y Lighting is one of the most professional chandelier manufacturers, your empire chandelier will use the Chinese top-line crystal. At the wedding party, your shiny and brilliant chandelier will make everything perfect. There are French empire chandeliers, crystal empire chandeliers, antique empire chandeliers, large empire chandeliers for your choice.

Wedding Table Light

K&Y wedding table lamps can always meet your requirement, actually, our table lamp collections usually match the series of the chandelier, pendant light, and floor lamp. As your excellent event lighting company, K&Y Lighting is working with many event design companies, we have provided a lot of wedding table light with the series of the chandelier, both have regular lighting and custom lighting. We will cheerful to answer your inquiry and provide you a good event lighting solution.

Candle Holder

K&Y Lighting is your excellent event lighting company, you can custom your candle holder to match the chandelier, floor lamp, etc. K&Y is very good at producing the crystal candle holder, our designer usually designs the candle holder based on the chandelier you have chosen. The crystal candle holder usually used on the table to decorate your event party, regardless you would like a golden candle holder or a black candle holder, K&Y will meet your requirement.

K&Y Lighting: Your Reliable Event Lighting Company in China

As a wholesale chandelier supplier in event decoration, K&Y Lighting has good experience in producing your party chandeliers. K&Y has a professional designer team, and our designers always pay attention to the lighting market, most of our event chandeliers are designed based on the lighting market new trends. Also, your wedding chandelier will be produced by a professional production team, K&Y’s staffs have more than 10-year of experience in the lighting industry, they are very strict with the quality.

Contacting K&Y, you will have a wedding chandelier with a unique design and high quality. Thousands of excellent lighting designs collection, good custom lighting experience, high quality, and excellent service, choosing K&Y, choosing a professional event lighting supplier.

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