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Glass chandelier is one of type of chandeliers, including a lot of styles, such as antique glass chandelier, blown glass chandeliers, Murano glass chandelier, bubbled glass chandelier, glass chandelier modern, smoked glass chandelier, and so on.

As an excellent and have full experience glass chandelier manufacturer, K&Y Lighting has released thousands of elegant glass chandeliers. We export our glass chandeliers all over the world, and we also custom glass chandeliers for projects. Since our unique glass chandelier design and high quality, K&Y Lighting wins a lot of customers in different markets.

K&Y Lighting not only known for its high quality but also excellent service. If you have any inquiries for glass chandelier or another style lighting, welcome to contact us. You will check our high quality and enjoy the best service.

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Elegant Glass Chandeliers- KY Y4008C60-CL

Elegant Glass Chandeliers both have excellent quality and elegant design.

Modern Glass Chandelier - KY Y4049

Modern Glass Chandelier with High-quality glass arm, it is suitable for any room.

Modern Elegant Glass Chandelier - KY Y4063C90

Glass Chandelier in modern and elegant style, it is suitable for home décor in a different style.

Antique Glass Chandelier - KY Y4058G110-AM

Glass Chandelier in modern and elegant style, with High-quality glass arm.

Modern Elegant Glass Chandelier - KY Y4069

One of our best sellers glass chandeliers, it is suitable for home décor in different styles.

Antique Glass Chandelier - KY Y4074C100

One of our best sellers antique glass chandelier, made of high-quality glass and crystal.

Baccarat Glass Chandeliers KYY4042

K&Y Lighting Baccarat Glass Chandeliers are the top luxury chandeliers in our product line.

Luxury Glass Chandelier - KY Y4083C70

Luxury Glass Chandelier with High-quality glass arm, it is a best seller in a custom project.

Elegant Design Glass Chandelier - KY Y4094

Elegant Design Glass Chandelier with shiny chrome frame and clear glass.

custom glass chandelier

Colorful Glass Chandelier made of different color glasses, this is one of our custom glass chandeliers.

New Design Glass Chandelier - KY Y4091

New Design Glass Chandelier made of the best quality glass.

Elegant Design Glass Chandelier - KY Y4093

Elegant Design Glass Chandelier made of clear, blue, and green glass.

K&Y Lighting: Your Reliable Glass Chandeliers Supplier in China

Why K&Y Lighting is your reliable glass chandeliers supplier? In addition to high quality and good service, K&Y Lighting also provides professional design. Our design team has more than 10-year experience, we have completed many big size glass chandelier projects, all of our glass lighting projects both have a unique and suitable design, also comply with safety standards.

As an excellent and satisfactory glass chandeliers manufacturer, K&Y Lighting also provides photo service based on your needs. If you would like to have pictures of your glass chandelier for sale or promotion, K&Y Lighting will help you. We will take the chandelier photo based on your requirement, like the light-on picture, light-off picture, and crystal details, etc.

K&Y Lighting must be your best glass chandeliers supplier, any inquiries, welcome to contact us. Our sales team will provide you a good solution.

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K&Y Lighting Provide Glass Chandeliers OEM&ODM Service

K&Y Lighting provides a one-stop Glass Chandeliers purchase service, (Including lighting design, Production, Inspection, Shipment, product photograph, product catalog making and printing and etc.)

Based on professional design & production capacity, we provide not only OEM but also a complete ODM service.

Just send us your detailed requirement, we will give you the best Glass Chandeliers solution.

K&Y can Custom your Glass Chandeliers

No glass chandeliers or projects are too big or too small for us. We can custom your Glass Chandeliers based on your designs, like antique glass chandeliers, blown glass chandeliers, Murano glass chandeliers, bubbled glass chandeliers, glass chandeliers modern, smoked glass chandelier, etc.

Please complete the form, and our sales team will be in touch with you shortly.

Glass Chandeliers Drawing-1


Glass Chandeliers FAQs

What is the difference between a glass chandelier and a crystal chandelier?

The glass chandeliers are quite similar to the crystal chandeliers. It is difficult to distinguish the glass chandeliers and crystal chandeliers by eye.

Usually, crystal chandeliers show more colors and shininess than glass chandeliers, the lead content is the difference between glass and crystal. In the United States, glass with a lead content of 1% or more is considered a crystal, while in Europe, only glass with a lead content of more than 10% becomes a crystal.

How to guarantee your glass chandeliers quality?

Product quality is always the most important thing for customers. K&Y Lighting is one of the most excellent glass chandelier suppliers from China, we are very strict with lighting fixture quality. If you have a plan to place a big glass chandeliers order from us, how we guarantee the quality for you? There is some information we will show you about our quality:

  • Quality of raw materials

K&Y Lighting has long-term cooperation raw materials supplier, it makes easier to ensure the stable raw materials quality. All the lighting fixture you order from us will have high-quality materials, it makes sure the best quality in the end-up products.

  • Quality assurance in the production process

As one of the most professional glass chandeliers manufacturer, K&Y Lighting has a professional hardware production team and assembling production line. Every production process, we will check the quality by ourselves and select the defective products. But due to our profession, the defective rate is very low.

  • Finished product quality inspection

K&Y Lighting is always strict with the quality of finished lighting fixtures. We will check the color finish, glass and crystal quality, power wire, etc. All accessories must meet quality requirements.

  • Packaging quality guarantee

K&Y Lighting has very strong packaging for glass chandeliers. Whether air transport or sea shipping, we always provide additional packing (like wooden case and paper corner) to make sure the glass chandeliers are safe. What’s more, for all of the glass and crystal parts, we will use pearl cotton to package. The strong packaging will make sure the lighting fixtures quality in transportation.

  • Professional QC team

Our K&Y Lighting, the glass chandeliers supplier in China, having a professional QC team to check the quality from raw materials to the production process, finished products, and packaging. Choosing K&Y and we will provide you a good lighting product.

Glass chandelier quality inspection

  • Warranty 

K&Y Lighting will provide a 2-years warranty on all lighting fixtures to show our confidence in quality.

Can you use LED bulbs for glass chandeliers?

Yes, K&Y lighting can use LED bulbs for glass chandeliers, even for any lighting fixtures. Nowadays, the LEDs are more and more popular in the lighting market, because it is more energy-efficient.

K&Y Lighting as an excellent glass chandelier manufacturer, we can use any light source based on your requirement. The light source is one part of custom lighting.

Can you share a custom glass chandelier project?

Sure, K&Y Lighting is a professional custom glass chandelier supplier, we have done a lot of custom glass chandeliers for different projects. This is one of our hotel project cases for a custom glass chandelier and glass wall lamp.

custom glass chandelier

custom glass wall lamp

This colorful custom glass chandelier is made of high-end glass in different colors, matching with a wall lamp. K&Y Lighting provides this unique design for clients based on requirements. This is the drawing which our designer made regarding the client’s idea. Finally confirmed and produced based on it.

custom glass chandelier drawing

This custom glass chandelier and wall lamp just one of our custom lighting cases, actually, K&Y Lighting has completed a lot of excellent projects in different markets. With rich experience of custom glass chandeliers, K&Y Lighting will be your best custom glass lighting manufacturer.

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