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K&Y Lighting is very good at producing hospitality lighting, as your professional hotel lighting manufacturer, K&Y has completed a lot of hotel lighting fixtures for different projects. There are commercial hotel lighting, large hotel chandeliers, large modern chandeliers, blown glass chandeliers, art glass chandeliers, rectangular crystal chandeliers, waterfall chandelier modern, hotel lobby chandeliers, hotel pendant lights, hotel ceiling lighting, hotel wall lights, hotel table lamps, hotel floor lamps, etc.

With good experience in hospitality lighting, K&Y Lighting wins lots of clients all over the world. K&Y has provides many good hotel lighting solutions for 5-star hotels, hotel restaurants, hotel clubs, lounges, hotel lobby, meeting room, and so on. If you have any hospitality lighting inquiries, please contact K&Y, we will provide you an excellent hotel lighting solution.

As your excellent and professional hospitality lighting manufacturer, K&Y Lighting will provide you at least 3 kinds of hotel lighting solutions when you have a project. Right now, let us show you what kind of hospitality lighting design do we have, and where it is suitable for use.

Hotel Ceiling Lighting

The ceiling light is quite suitable for the hotel with a low ceiling. K&Y Lighting has completed lots of hotel projects with a low ceiling, our designer always provides a good hotel lighting solution for clients. K&Y has designed many different types of hotel ceiling lighting, such as large rectangular ceiling light, big round ceiling light, moon-shaped ceiling light, indoor lantern ceiling lights, modern ceiling lamp, flush mount ceiling light, crystal ceiling light, etc.

  • Lobby Ceiling Light

The hotel lobby is an important reception area in the hotel, and the lobby ceiling light will make the hotel lobby looks so luxurious and brilliant. K&Y Lighting has provided many excellent hotel lighting solutions for different hotel projects, and there are lots of unique hospitality lighting designs, such as crystal ceiling lighting, modern ceiling light fixture, crystal ceiling chandelier, etc.

  • Empire Ceiling Light

The empire ceiling light is as popular as the empire chandelier, but the ceiling light is more used in the hotel project. As a reliable hospitality lighting manufacturer in China, K&Y Lighting is very good at empire ceiling light, and we always provide hotel lighting solutions for our clients.

Hotel Pendant Light

The hotel pendant light is one of the popular hospitality lighting fixtures, it has a simple design than a chandelier, but the pendant light design is easy to install. K&Y hotel pendant light is widely used in hotel restaurants or bars. We have 3 ring crystal pendant lights, handmade blown glass pendant lights, melted glass pendant lights, horn pendant lights, mid-century modern pendant lamps, gold crystal pendant lights, etc.

  • Large Pendant Light

Hotel lighting is usually large lighting. Actually, K&Y has a lot of large pendant lights, and they are suitable for hotel projects. There are extra-large pendant light, black large pendant light, white large pendant light, clear glass large pendant light, and so on. The large pendant light with its unique design and good quality is a best seller in many projects.

  • Round Pendant Light

The round pendant light is a simple lighting design, which popular in hotel decoration. K&Y round pendant lights have many different styles, such as glass round pendant light, round crystal pendant light, large round pendant light, led round pendant light, black round pendant light, white round pendant light, gold round pendant light, modern round pendant light, etc. All the hotel pendant lights are of high quality.

Hotel Chandelier

The hotel chandelier is one of the popular hospitality lighting fixtures of all our hotel lighting. As one of China professional hospitality lighting vendors, K&Y has many different styles of hotel lighting design, it is easy to match your hotel project in different styles.

  • Hand Blown Glass Chandelier

This kind of hotel chandelier is made of high-quality glass with different colors, such as green glass chandelier, white glass chandelier, black glass chandelier, blue glass chandelier, red glass chandelier, etc. The hand-blown glass chandelier with elegant design is quite suitable for the hotel lobby, it is one of the best hotel lighting designs.

  • Empire Chandelier

The empire chandelier is one of the most classical chandelier styles. K&Y Lighting has many crystal empire chandeliers made of Chinese top-line crystals, and with high quality and luxury design. The large empire chandelier is quite suitable for villas, hotel churches, and temples. For our project client, the French empire chandelier, modern empire chandelier, gold empire chandelier are the most popular.

  • Candle Chandelier

K&Y candle chandelier included large wrought iron candle chandelier, crystal candle chandelier, large candle chandelier, gold candle chandelier, black candle chandelier, and so on. The candle chandelier usually made of crystal and iron, and it has an elegant style which suitable for hotel restaurants, hotel lobby, and hotel rooms.

  • Waterfall Chandelier

The waterfall chandelier is perfect for hotel decoration, and it is a good choice for hotel lighting. K&Y Lighting can provide you crystal waterfall chandelier, a modern waterfall chandelier, a vintage waterfall chandelier, a grand waterfall chandelier, a gold waterfall chandelier, and so on. As a hotel chandelier, a waterfall chandelier maybe meets your needs.

  • Staircase Chandelier

K&Y Lighting is very good at producing staircase chandeliers, and our staircase chandeliers are popular in hotel decoration. There are crystal staircase chandeliers, modern staircase chandeliers, long staircase chandeliers, small staircase chandeliers for your choice. What’s more, K&Y can custom your staircase chandelier based on your requirement.

  • Oversized Chandelier

The oversized chandelier also called extra-large chandelier or huge chandelier is one of the popular hotel chandeliers. Since the hotel ceiling is too high, in this case, using an oversized chandelier will be a good choice. The extra-large crystal chandelier will make the hotel looks so luxurious and brilliant. Usually, the oversized chandelier has many different styles, like a vintage crystal chandelier, large modern chandelier, luxury chandelier, Maria Theresa chandelier, Baccarat chandelier, etc.

Hotel Wall Light

The hotel wall light usually with a simple design, and it always used with a series of chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps. The hotel wall lamp is an important part of hotel decoration, K&Y is your reliable hotel lighting supplier, having many hotel wall light fixtures for your choice. There are fancy wall lights, industrial wall lights, high-end wall sconces, modern wall lights, crystal wall lights, Baccarat wall lamps, stone wall lamps, elegant wall lamps, antique wall sconces, etc.

Hotel Table Lamp

The hotel table lamp is another important part of hotel decoration. Hotel table lamp is one of the most simple hospitality lighting designs, widely used in meeting rooms, hotel rooms, hotel reception areas. K&Y has done restaurant table lights, glass table lamps, industrial table lamps, feather table lamps, gold table lamps, crystal table lights, vintage crystal table lamps for your choice.

Hotel Floor Lamp

The hotel floor lamp not only has a decorative function but also a lighting function. The floor lamp is quite suitable for hotel rooms, bars, clubs, even for hotel corridors. Using with hotel wall light and hotel table lamp will make the hotel looks so warm. As one of the China hospitality lighting manufacturers, K&Y has stainless steel floor lamps, blown glass floor lamps, modern glass floor lamps, crystal floor lamps, mid-century modern floor light, led flood light, etc.

K&Y Lighting: Your Reliable Hotel Lighting Supplier in China

K&Y Lighting is a hospitality lighting company from China with excellent service and high-quality lighting fixtures. K&Y with more than 10 years experience in hospitality lighting, completed thousands of excellent hotel lighting designs, the most popular lighting design are included large crystal chandeliers, art glass chandeliers, waterfall chandeliers modern, horn pendant light, Chinese ceiling lamp.

Actually, as a hotel lighting manufacturer, K&Y Lighting has many engineering customers. Our designer has designed a lot of unique hotel lighting fixtures for many hotel projects. In most cases, there is a series of hotel table lamps, hotel floor lamps, hotel wall lights to match the hotel chandelier, hotel pendant lights, or hotel ceiling lighting to decorate your hotel.

For any hospitality lighting designs, please contact K&Y, you will get a good hotel lighting solution.

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