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How Crystal Chandeliers Are Manufacture-From K&Y Lighting

Posted on: 5th.Jun.2021

Do you want to know how their crystal chandelier is made? Every step is indispensable from the wild ideas to the drawing-making process to the production process. Crystal chandelier has to spend a lot of energy and thought from design to production to make a satisfying beautiful crystal chandelier.

K&Y Lighting is one of the most professional and excellent crystal chandelier manufacturers in China, we are very good at producing crystal chandeliers, with more than 10 years of experience. In this article, we will introduce you to the manufacturing process of crystal chandeliers.

crystal chandelier

Step 1: Design the crystal chandelier

Designing is an important part of the crystal chandelier producing process, an excellent crystal chandelier always starts with design. As your professional crystal chandelier manufacturer, K&Y Lighting has an excellent designer team. All crystal chandeliers from K&Y Lighting are carefully designed by professional designers with more than 10 years of experience in crystal chandelier design.

The K&Y Lighting designer can change your idea to real design. The size and details of each crystal chandelier have been carefully considered by our designer to make sure that each crystal chandelier product is exquisite in shape, reasonable in design, and meets your requirements. Our designers will make an excellent crystal chandelier drawing for your confirmation.

As an excellent crystal chandelier manufacturer from China, K&Y Lighting is working with many different types of clients in different markets. Actually, K&Y Lighting has designed and manufactured a lot of unique crystal chandelier designs according to special requirements. One of the K&Y Lighting’s strengths is that we are very good at custom crystal chandeliers. K&Y Lighting can meet all your crystal chandelier needs.

Crystal chandelier design

Step 2: Manufacturing the chandelier frame

After completing the overall crystal chandelier design, K&Y Lighting will start production. The first thing that started was the production of the chandelier frame. According to the confirmed crystal chandelier drawings, K&Y Lighting will use a laser cutting machine to cut the metal material into the required dimension and shape, and some styles of chandelier frames will be completed by hand.

After the blank metal frame is completed, it will go through a series of processing, including welding, drilling, polishing, and so on. Next, color processing will be carried out, and the crystal chandelier frame will be electroplated or painted according to the color sample selected by the customer.

In addition, K&Y Lighting also has a professional and reliable QC team to check and control the crystal chandelier quality. K&Y Lighting, as your professional crystal chandelier manufacturer, will strictly control every production process to ensure your crystal chandeliers are of high quality.

crystal chandelier lighting arm

Step 3: Assembling the crystals

The crystal is the most important part of the crystal chandelier. K&Y Lighting is one of the most excellent and professional crystal chandelier suppliers in China, we usually use Chinese top-line crystals to manufacture the crystal chandeliers.

Good quality crystal has the characteristics of transparency, excellent refraction, hardness, and durability. Because of it, the high-quality crystals will make sure the crystal chandeliers are shining and brilliant.

All K&Y Lighting crystal strings are purely handcraft. As your professional crystal chandelier manufacturer in China, K&Y Lighting has a reliable production team, all of our staff are of good experience in producing crystal chandeliers. Our employees take every crystal string seriously and ensure that it meets the requirements of the drawings. Each of K&Y Lighting handcraft crystal strings contains our pursuit of details and beauty.

crystal chandelier-assembling crystal string

assembling crystal string for crystal chandelier

Step 4: Packaging of crystal chandelier

After completed the chandelier frame and crystal string production, K&Y Lighting will pack them separately. K&Y Lighting is one of the most excellent crystal chandelier suppliers from China, we always make professional and strong packaging for every crystal chandelier product.

Good and strong packaging can guarantee the safe delivery of crystal chandelier. Usually, K&Y Lighting uses high-density foam to protect the crystal string and crystal ball. At the same time, our carton design is also customized according to the size of the crystal chandelier and the packaging method (assembly packaging or KD packaging) to minimize the size of the carton, which is beneficial to protect the environment and reduce transportation costs.

For crystal chandeliers, the packaging is particularly important. As your professional crystal chandelier supplier, our goal is to always provide customers with strong and environmentally friendly packaging.

packaging for crystal chandelier

Step 5: Shipping

K&Y Lighting is a reliable crystal chandelier manufacturer in China, we have a professional warehouse management staff. When the packaging of the crystal chandelier is completed, K&Y Lighting warehouse staff will mark and sort the products so that we can be delivered to the freight forwarder as soon as possible.

The above is the whole process of K&Y Lighting’s production of a crystal chandelier. K&Y Lighting, as your excellent and professional crystal chandelier manufacturer in China, we have never provided customers with quality service and professional production.

You are ready to start the crystal chandelier business? Just contact K&Y Lighting now!

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