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How to Identify Chandelier Manufacturer?

Posted on: 9th.Jun.2021

To find a reliable and professional chandelier manufacturer from China is very important to produce your chandelier well. A good chandelier manufacturer can not only guarantee the quality of the chandeliers but also develop chandelier designs that satisfy you. But there are thousands of chandelier manufacturers in China, how to identify a good chandelier manufacturer? Today, K&Y Lighting will share some ideas with you on how to find a good chandelier manufacturer in China.

With own metal workshop

If the chandelier manufacturer has its own metal workshop, it will be better for your chandelier production. Having the own metal workshop can not only guarantee the chandelier quality but also ensure the delivery time.

As your excellent and reliable chandelier manufacturer from China, K&Y Lighting has its own metal workshop. We do all metalwork by ourselves and make sure all the chandelier frames are of high quality. In addition, it is also easier for us to make production plans, without considering the delivery date of outsourcing, ensuring the final delivery time.

chandelier manufacturer-metal workshop

Strong R&D ability

As an excellent chandelier manufacturer, strong R&D ability is very important. According to the lighting market trend and fashion, the chandelier will need to develop to catch the different needs. When you choose a chandelier manufacturer in China, whether its R&D capability is strong is a very important selection factor. With strong R&D ability can help develop new chandelier designs in time, and also provide you a good solution when you need to custom chandelier.

K&Y Lighting is one of the most professional and reliable chandelier manufacturers in China, we have an excellent R&D department to design new chandelier designs. Actually, K&Y Lighting releases new chandelier designs nearly every month. What’s more, our R&D department can provide many good ideas for custom chandeliers as well, to make sure all of our custom chandeliers can catch the lighting market.

chandelier new design

Having enough chandelier designs for your choice

Having enough chandelier designs for customers to choose from is one of the performances of being a reliable chandelier manufacturer. Different markets, different customers need different styles of chandeliers. A good chandelier manufacturer should have enough chandeliers for you to choose from.

K&Y Lighting is a professional and reliable chandelier manufacturer in China, we have worked in the lighting industry for more than 10 years and we have released thousands of excellent chandeliers in different styles and materials. In addition to having enough chandelier designs for your choice, K&Y Lighting develops new chandelier designs almost every month.

chandelier type


In addition, a reliable chandelier manufacturer will have CE, UL, PSE, RoHS, SAA, ETL, certifications. It means the chandeliers will meet the safety and quality requirements in different markets.

As an excellent chandelier manufacturer in China, K&Y Lighting’s chandelier has CE, UL, PSE, RoHS, SAA, ETL, and other certifications. All of our chandelier fixtures are of high quality.

chandelier certifications

With a reliable QC team

How to make sure your chandelier quality also very important. As a reliable and excellent chandelier manufacturer, it is particularly important to have a professional QC team.

The professional and reliable QC team will and check and control the quality of the chandelier in every production process, like control quality of raw materials, control quality in hardware frame, control quality in finished lighting product, control quality in packaging, etc. A chandelier manufacturer with a QC team can better guarantee the quality of the product.

K&Y Lighting is one of the most professional and excellent chandelier manufacturers in China, we have a reliable and professional QC team. Our QC department will strictly inspect and control the quality of your chandelier to make sure it the high quality.

chandelier quality inspection

Having a professional sales team

A professional and patient sales team contributes to good communication. Everything starts with good and effective communication. As a good chandelier manufacturer, having a professional sales team will be very important. The chandelier manufacturer will know about your needs through their sales team, and they will provide you a suitable solution and excellent service after have a good understanding of your requirements.

As one of the most professional and excellent chandelier manufacturers in China, K&Y Lighting has a professional sales team. Our sales team has good experience in the chandelier business, can provide you good communication and suitable solution.

Above is our sharing, we hope that it can help you find a chandelier manufacturer in the future.

Finally, we would like to hear from you. If you have any inquiries about the chandelier, please feel free to contact us. K&Y Lighting will be one of your best choices for chandelier manufacturers in China.

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