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How to Identify the Quality of Custom Lighting?

Posted on: 19th.Oct.2021

Custom lighting is one of the most popular types of lighting in the lighting industry, especially in hotel lighting. However, the design and production of custom lighting are more difficult than conventional lighting. How to ensure the quality of customized lighting?

As one of the most professional and excellent custom lighting manufacturers and suppliers in China, K&Y Lighting is very good at designing and manufacturing custom lighting, especially custom chandeliers. Today, we will share some custom lighting experiences with you.

  1. Identify from the appearance of custom lighting

First of all, the easiest way to identify is to start with the appearance of custom lighting. Check whether the electroplating or spray paint color of the customized lighting is flawed and whether the surface is smooth and flat. This is the most basic quality assurance. Another thing is to check the crystal quality of the custom lighting. Crystal is also an important part of customized lighting. The quality of crystal will directly affect the overall quality of custom lighting.

In addition, custom lighting labels are also a guarantee of quality. For example, custom lighting with a maximum power of 40W for a single bulb. Since the rated power is not marked, users are likely to install 60W or 100W bulbs. In this case, it is likely to cause deformation of the shell, damage to the insulation, and even electric shocks and fires. Therefore, the marking of custom lighting is one of the safety requirements and cannot be ignored.

custom lighting for temple project

  1. Identify from the structure of custom lighting

Custom lighting is generally relatively large-sized lighting. It is important to fully consider the structure of customized lighting, especially during the installation phase. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the hoisting chain used in the custom lighting must be considered, and the load-bearing capacity of the hoisting chain must be 3 times or more of the weight of the custom lighting. In addition, custom lighting needs to be reinforced with steel wire ropes when installing, especially large custom crystal chandeliers.

In addition, there should be no sharp edges at the entrance and exit of the metal tube through which the wires of the custom lighting pass. Insulators and protective sleeves can be added to the exit of the metal tube to avoid cutting the wires, causing the metal sheets to become charged and cause electric shock.

custom chandelier

  1. How to choose a manufacturer for custom lighting

In recent years, custom lighting is quite popular in hotel projects, villa projects, restaurant projects, church projects, etc. At the same time, more and more people are choosing custom lighting to decorate their homes. But how do choose a reliable manufacturer for custom lighting? Please check the below tips for reference.

  • Choose a manufacturer that values ​​quality

Whether it is conventional lighting or custom lighting, quality is the most important part. Especially for customized lighting, the requirements for product quality are even higher. Only by choosing factories that value quality can the quality of custom lighting be guaranteed.

  • Choose an experienced manufacturer

Experienced custom lighting manufacturers can provide you with more technical references and case references. With good experience, the custom lighting manufacturer can consider more in the design and production process to avoid quality and technical issues.

  • Choose a manufacturer with excellent service

Whether it is design, production, or installation, custom lighting is more complicated than ordinary lighting. Having an excellent service team is the key to communication. Especially in the process of custom chandelier installation, there are many issues that need to be communicated with the manufacturer. Manufacturers who can provide excellent services can be given priority.

K&Y Lighting

K&Y Lighting is one of the most professional custom lighting manufacturers and suppliers in China. We focus on quality, we have rich experience and professional service spirit. If you have any inquiries about custom lighting, welcome to contact K&Y Lighting!

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