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Industrial lighting usually with a modern style. Nowadays, industrial lighting fixtures are more and more popular in interior design. As your professional industrial lighting supplier, K&Y Lighting has released many industrial lighting designs for your choice.

The simple style of industrial lighting is perfect with any interior design. If you don’t know how to choose to light for your home design, then industrial-style lighting will be a good choice.

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Industrial Lighting-Modern Industrial Lamp-KY Y6612-4L

This industrial-style lighting is made of a black and brass finish lighting fixture.

Industrial Pendant Lighting-Industrial Lighting-KY Y6612-8L

Industrial lighting design with new fashion- use brass color and matte black finish fixture.

Modern Pendant Light- Industrial Pendant Lamp-KY Y6630

One of the K&Y industrial lighting fixtures is suitable for home decoration.

Industrial Chandelier-Modern Industrial Lamp-KY Y8806-7L

The industrial lamp for the dining room, made of gold and black finish fixture.

Modern Industrial Lamp-Industrial Lighting-KY Y8806

The modern industrial lamp for the kitchen, made of gold finish fixtures.

Modern Industrial Lamp-Industrial Lighting Design-KY Y8803

The industrial lighting fixture can custom in different colors.

Industrial Lighting-Industrial Chandelier-KY Y8802-12L

Modern industrial chandelier with high quality and elegant design.

Industrial Lighting Design-Modern Industrial Lamp-KY Y6980

K&Y industrial lighting is popular in interior design.

Industrial-style Lighting-Industrial Lamp-KY Y6981

K&Y industrial lighting fixture is popular in interior design.

K&Y Lighting: Your China Excellent Industrial Lighting Factory

K&Y Lighting is one of the most excellent and professional industrial lighting manufacturers in China, our R&D department nearly releases new industrial lighting designs every month to support your selection. Actually, K&Y Lighting has an industrial chandelier, industrial pendant lighting, industrial ceiling lighting, industrial wall light, industrial table lamp, industrial floor lamp for your choice.

In addition, K&Y Lighting is good at custom industrial lighting as well. Actually, K&Y Lighting has completed a lot of industrial lighting fixtures for hotel projects in different markets. All customers are satisfied with our quality and service.

If you have any inquiries for industrial lighting, please feel free to contact K&Y Lighting, we will try our best to support you.

K&Y RoHS Certification K&Y CE Certification K&Y CB Certification K&Y CB Certification

K&Y Lighting Provide All Types of Industrial Lightings OEM&ODM Service

K&Y Lighting provides a one-stop Industrial Lighting purchase service, (Including lighting design, Production, Inspection, Shipment, Products photograph, Products catalog making, and printing and etc.)

Based on professional design & production capacity, we provide not only OEM but also a complete ODM service.

Just send us your detailed requirement, we will give you the best Industrial Lighting solution.

K&Y can Custom your Industrial Lighting

No Industrial Lightings or projects are too big or too small for us. We can custom Industrial Lighting based on your designs, such as an industrial chandelier, industrial pendant lighting, industrial ceiling lighting, industrial wall light, industrial table lamp, industrial floor lamp, and so on.

Please complete the form, and our sales team will be in touch with you shortly.



Industrial Lighting FAQs

What is industrial lighting?

Industrial lighting is a trend in interior design. The principle of industrial lighting design is to embrace the original, exposed and unfinished appearance.

This popular design trend uses simple raw materials to incorporate these unfinished elements into more meaningful designs, turning industrial lighting into eye-catching minimalist designs. Industrial lighting complements many interior styles, including modern, retro, and rustic.

Industrial Lighting

What are the characteristics of industrial lighting?

Industrial-style lighting was originally designed for its function. Industrial lighting is one of the representatives of simple retro-style lighting. Usually, these industrial lights are made of unfinished or worn dark metal or wood.

Common features of industrial lighting include exposed bulbs, vintage metal lampshades, and mottled finish colors. The connection points between different parts of the lamp body are visible and can be connected suddenly without modification. The style of industrial lighting originated in the machine age, and every piece of industrial lighting is a testimony of history.

Let us introduce the characteristics of industrial lighting in detail below:

Use neutral or vintage tones

Most industrial lighting tends to stick to a minimalist appearance, which affects the color scheme of the finished colors. Neutral color matching is essentially a dynamic solution that can integrate industrial lighting into any style of interior design without any sense of contradiction.

Although neutral colors are still the preferred palette of industrial lighting classics, in recent years, more types of colors have appeared in industrial lighting. The retro tone is the most popular one. Industrial lighting is a historical testimony of the machine age, and retro colors can highlight the age of industrial lighting.

Industrial Lighting

Metal theme

The theme of industrial lighting is metal. Most industrial-style lamps are made of various metal materials, such as copper, aluminum, and iron.

Different metal materials match different colors to design a variety of industrial lighting. Usually, we will decide how to choose according to the style of interior design.

The rustic metal appearance makes industrial lighting more attractive. However, industrial lighting itself is constantly breaking through, creating more excellent choices for interior design.

Industrial Lighting

Bare wires and bulbs

Bare wires and bulbs are other outstanding features of industrial lighting. If you like industrial design, cage lighting, and exposed wires are minimalist designs that will never go out of style. This is also one of the most classic designs of industrial lighting.

Bare wires and bulbs make industrial lighting more industrialized. The simple lines give people a very primitive and rustic feel.

What kind of industrial lighting can I choose?

An important factor in choosing industrial lighting is that it can be integrated into your home design style. The choice of industrial lighting should be coordinated with your home, after all, comfort is the ultimate goal.

Industrial Chandelier

The industrial chandelier is one of the most popular industrial lighting designs. Compared with other industrial lighting designs, the posture of the industrial chandelier will be more vivid. Industrial chandelier not only incorporates the elegance of chandelier but also has the rustic and industrial sense of industrial lighting. It is a good choice for interior design.

Industrial Chandelier

Industrial Pendant Lighting

Industrial pendant lighting is a simpler design than industrial lighting fixtures. Industrial pendant lighting is mainly made of metal covers or cages in neutral or retro tones. The simple design elements make the industrial pendant light easily integrated into any interior design style.

Industrial Pendant Lighting

Industrial Ceiling Lighting

Industrial ceiling light combines the characteristics of the industrial chandelier and industrial pendant lighting. Industrial ceiling lights have both a branch-shaped design and a metal cage with a bulb design. Industrial ceiling lights are more suitable for houses with low ceilings, or ideas that want to make the ceilings look higher.

Industrial Wall light / Industrial Table Lamp / Industrial Floor lamp

Industrial wall lights, industrial table lamps, and industrial floor lamps are usually used with industrial pendant lights or industrial chandeliers. Generally, you need to choose a suitable series of industrial lighting according to your interior design style. This is a more trouble-free solution because you do not need to consider the choice of industrial wall lamps, industrial table lamps, and industrial floor lamps.

The trend of industrial lighting shows no signs of fading. On the contrary, in continuous innovation and development, industrial lighting continues to make breakthroughs, providing more choices for interior design.

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