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Italian lighting, especially Italian chandelier, is representative of classic, timeless and elegant. The Italian lighting matches classical interior design is perfect. But now, modern Italian lighting develops a lot, and more and more modern style interior design is used in modern Italian lighting.

K&Y Lighting is good at Italian lighting, especially professional in Italian chandeliers. Usually, our designers will develop new Italian chandeliers in time to meet customer needs.

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Italian Lighting-Italian Pendant Lighting-KYY3306C

The Italian lighting pendant with unique design and high quality.

Italian Lighting-Modern Italian Lighting-KY Y3306C45

The Italian pendant lighting with unique design and high quality.

Italian Lighting-Luxury Italian Lighting-KY Y6875

The modern Italian lighting is made of gold finish fixtures and clear glass.

Italian Lighting-Italian Chandelier-KY Y4050-GT

Modern Italian chandelier in modern and elegant style, with High-quality glass arm.

Italian Chandelier-Italian Light Design-KY8201-C

Antique Italian chandelier with elegant style.

Italian Chandelier-Italian Lighting-KY Y5016G30

Vintage Italian chandelier in the gold finish, with high-end quality.

Italian Chandelier-Designer Italian Lighting-KY Y5020C68

One of the mid-century Italian chandeliers in 13 lights, with elegant style.

Italian Chandelier-Luxury Italian Lighting-KY Y5021C97

The vintage Italian chandelier is made of chrome finished and high-end crystals.

Italian Chandelier-Italian Lighting Fixture-KY Y5022G120

The antique Italian chandelier is popular in hotel projects and events decoration.

K&Y Lighting: Your Reliable Italian Lighting Manufacturer

As one of the most excellent Italian lighting manufacturers in China, K&Y Lighting is very professional in designing and manufacturing Italian chandeliers. K&Y Lighting has developed a lot of Italian chandeliers to export to many markets. Meanwhile, K&Y Lighting also completed lots of Italian lighting projects for our clients.

K&Y Lighting is working in the high-end market, all of our Italian lighting fixtures are of good quality. Usually, K&Y Lighting will use high-quality materials to produce Italian lighting, and we still have the QC department to check and control the production process. Choosing K&Y Lighting to be your Italian lighting manufacturer will be a good choice.

Any inquiries for Italian chandeliers, please contact K&Y Lighting, our professional sales team will get back to you soon.

K&Y RoHS Certification K&Y CE Certification K&Y CB Certification K&Y CB Certification

K&Y Lighting Provide All Types of Italian Lightings OEM & ODM Service

K&Y Lighting provides a one-stop Italian Lighting  purchase service, (including lighting design, Production, Inspection, Shipment, Products photograph, Products catalog making, and printing, etc.)

Based on professional design & production capacity, we provide not only OEM but also a complete ODM service.

Just send us your detailed requirement, we will give you the best Italian Lighting solution.

K&Y can Custom your Italian Lighting

No Italian Lightings or projects are too big or too small for us. We can customize Italian Lighting based on your designs, like Italian chandelier, Italian pendant lighting, etc.

Please complete the form, and our sales team will be in touch with you shortly.

Italian chandelier drawing


Italian Lighting FAQs

As one of the most excellent and professional Italian lighting manufacturers in China, K&Y Lighting has a good understanding of Italian lighting. Actually, K&Y Lighting has developed many Italian lighting fixtures for our clients, we are best at designing Italian chandeliers.

What is an Italian chandelier?

The traditional Italian chandelier is classic, timeless, and elegant. Especially the Italian crystal chandelier has the Venetian tradition, it is a gorgeously decorated chandelier design. Italian chandelier is suitable for many occasions, whether it is hotel decoration, church decoration, or home decoration, Italian chandelier can do it well.

K&Y Lighting is one of the most reliable Italian chandelier manufacturers, we can design and produce all kinds of Italian chandeliers. In addition, K&Y Lighting can custom Italian chandeliers based on your requirements.

If you have any inquiries for an Italian chandelier, please feel free to contact K&Y Lighting, our excellent sales team will provide you with a good solution.

Italian Chandelier

Which Italian chandelier is popular?

When thinking of Italian chandelier style or Venetian chandelier style, you usually think of Murano glass chandelier. Murano glass chandelier is one of the representatives of Italian chandelier.

Murano glass candle chandelier

Murano glass candle chandelier style is one of the most classic Italian chandelier designs, with a classic and elegant style. The craftsmanship of the Murano glass candle chandelier is very delicate, and every part is carefully made by craftsmen.

Murano glass shade chandelier

Murano Glass Shade chandelier style is also classic and elegant. Murano Glass Shade chandelier can be transformed into a brand new chandelier design by changing the glass shape and the color of the lampshade. The classical appearance and simple crystals give the Murano Glass Shade chandelier a layered beauty.

Murano glass flower chandelier

Murano glass flower chandelier is beautifully designed. Murano glass flower chandelier decorated with glass flowers has a touch of romance in the classical style. Murano glass flower chandelier is a bit lively under the solemn design, and it is one of the classic Italian chandeliers.

As a professional Italian chandelier manufacturer in China, K&Y Lighting knows Italian chandeliers well, and we can design and manufacture Italian chandeliers based on your needs. Just contact K&Y Lighting for your Italian chandelier, you will have a good solution.

Are antique Italian chandeliers outdated?

Antique Italian chandeliers are still popular in interior design. The classic Italian chandelier design will develop with the development of market demand. The Italian chandelier that combines traditional and modern elements is more popular.

The elegant and noble style of the Italian chandelier is very suitable for high-end residential decoration. And some modern houses want to use antique Italian chandeliers, you can add some modern elements on the basis of classical.

Any classic chandelier needs to keep pace with the times in order to continue to be welcomed by everyone.

What should you pay attention to before buying an Italian chandelier?

The desire to change your indoor space may be out of necessity or just because you want it. In the case of more choices of decorative lighting, choosing personalized chandeliers is a way to change the look and feel of the room.

Italian chandelier

Take the Italian chandelier as an example. How do choose to make the most of it? Let’s analyze together several considerations for choosing an Italian chandelier:

  • Where is the Italian chandelier hanging?

Before buying an Italian chandelier, you should consider its use space. You need to focus on two points: One is the size of the space used. The second is to use the style of the space and the original lighting.

About the size of your room, choosing an Italian chandelier need to consider that. The size of the room will determine the size of the Italian chandelier. When it comes to chandelier lighting, size really matters. Too big in a small room will be too strong, but too small in a large space, the chandelier may be lost in many decorations.

In addition, the suspension height of the Italian chandelier is also very important. Because hanging the Italian chandelier at an incorrect height may reduce its design advantages and attractiveness, and cause the light level in the room to be disturbed.

Regarding room style and original lighting. Depending on the style of your house, you may need to make design choices and changes to the Italian chandelier. You will have two choices, one is to find an Italian chandelier design that suits your room, and the other is to customize the Italian chandelier according to your style.

In this process, the original lighting of the room is also one of the influence factors of the choice. If you need to buy a series of Italian lighting to completely change the house, then you don’t need to think about it. But if you only want to buy an Italian chandelier separately, then you need to consider the original lighting of the room, because coordination and matching are also very important.

  • You need to have a budget

The budget for buying an Italian chandelier is also one of the factors you need to consider. Italian chandeliers do have a variety of designs, styles, sizes, and materials, so there are also many types. When you need to buy an Italian chandelier, the price can help you determine the best choice of size and material.

For example, there are many different materials for making Italian chandeliers. Italian chandeliers made of different materials have different styles. But differences in materials will also cause differences in prices, you must choose according to your budget.

In addition, if your budget is relatively high, you can also choose to customize Italian chandeliers. Determine your theme in advance and tell the chandelier designer your idea. You will have a unique Italian chandelier design.

When you need to choose to light for your house, take some time. It’s worth the time to invest in a lighting fixture that you will love for years. Especially the classic and elegant chandelier design of Italian chandelier, you will still thank you for your choice many years later.

Please Input Your EMAIL To Get K&Y Lighting LATEST Catalogue&Price List.

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