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K&Y Lighting is your professional and excellent custom lighting manufacturer, and there are thousands of custom project cases we have completed. You are welcome to check one of the K&Y church projects for luxury chandeliers. This custom chandelier is 250cm in diameter and 380cm in height, with a shiny gold finish lighting frame and Chinese top-line crystals. K&Y made several models for this luxury chandelier.

  • Communication & Drawing

After K&Y received the custom lighting inquiry from the client, our professional sales team communicate the requirements with the client immediately. When all the details are confirmed, the K&Y designer is ready to make a drawing. Due to this is a custom lighting, there are many slight adjustments need to confirm with the client’s designer in the following communication, K&Y Lighting has modified the drawing several times to meet the client’s final requirement.

  • Samples Preparation & Confirmation

When our client confirmed the drawing, K&Y provides a wide range of lighting arm styles for reference, and there are crystal samples and finish colors as well. As your professional bespoke lighting manufacturer, K&Y Lighting can custom lighting in any style and finish. Finally, all spare parts samples are confirmed, K&Y will prepare production.

  • Production
  1. Metal Processing

The lighting frame is being produced in the metal workshop, K&Y has QC to check the quality in this process.

  1. Trial Installation of Hardware Frame

For custom lighting, K&Y always makes a trial installation to check the quality and whole design scene. The first time is after completing the hardware frame. At this time, K&Y will check whether there is a structure that needs to be modified to complete a perfect custom chandelier. After confirming the hardware frame, the custom chandelier is ready for electroplating.

trial installation of custom chandelier

  1. Assembly

The next process is assembly. The crystal chain is assembling in the production line, and the lamp arm is connecting the wires. We are ready for the finished product trial installation.

  1. Finished Product Trial Installation

The second time of trial installation is after completed the custom chandelier. At this time, K&Y will check whether there are problems with installation. Considering the final installation for the client is an important part of a custom project.

For this custom chandelier, K&Y Lighting provides an installation video to our client. The video shows the whole install process, with a detailed installation drawing to make the installation more-clearer for the client. But due to customer privacy, we cannot share the video.

  • Quality Control before Packaging

K&Y Lighting is very strict on product quality, you will have professional QC service from us. Our QC department checks the custom lighting quality from material to finished product, the final quality control is before packaging.

  • Packaging

Safety packaging is very important for custom lighting. In this project case, our client would like easy installation, so that most of the lighting frames are assembly packaging. K&Y Lighting always considers the client’s needs and ensures packaging safety and space-saving.


  • Delivery

Finally, the custom chandelier is ready to ship.


If you have any inquiries for projects, please contact K&Y Lighting. You will have an excellent lighting solution. 
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