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The lobby chandelier is one of the important hotel chandelier fixtures. Usually, the K&Y Lighting lobby chandelier will be custom based on the client’s requirements.

Different hotel styles will be used in different hotel lobby chandeliers. K&Y Lighting lobby chandelier can meet your needs at any time. Just send us lobby chandelier inquiry now!

Lobby Chandelier-Lobby Chandelier Modern-KY Y0003

The hotel lobby chandelier with high quality and unique design.

Lobby Chandelier-Hotel Lobby Chandelier-KY Y0002

The hotel lobby chandelier with high quality and modern style.

Lobby Chandelier-Custom Lobby Chandelier-KY Y0001

The lobby chandelier with high quality and luxury style.

K&Y Lighting: Your China Excellent Lobby Chandelier Manufacturer

As one of the most professional and excellent lobby chandelier manufacturers in China, K&Y Lighting has completed a lot of hotel lobby chandelier projects in different markets. In general, K&Y Lighting will custom lobby chandeliers according to the client’s needs and hotel situation. There are luxury lobby chandeliers, modern lobby chandeliers, classical lobby chandeliers, antique lobby chandeliers, large lobby chandeliers we have done.

K&Y Lighting has a reliable designer team to support your lobby chandelier project. Actually, all of our designers have more than 10 years of experience in designing lobby chandeliers, and they have a good understanding of lobby chandeliers. With good experience in designing and manufacturing lobby chandeliers, K&Y Lighting will be your excellent lobby chandelier manufacturer and supplier in China.

Welcome to contact K&Y Lighting, if you have inquiries about lobby chandeliers, you will have a good solution from us.

K&Y RoHS Certification K&Y CE Certification K&Y CB Certification K&Y CB Certification

K&Y Lighting Provide All Types of Lobby Chandeliers OEM & ODM Service

K&Y Lighting provides a one-stop Lobby Chandelier purchase service, (including lighting design, Production, Inspection, Shipment, Products photograph, Products catalog making, and printing, etc.)

Based on professional design & production capacity, we provide not only OEM but also a complete ODM service.

Just send us your detailed requirement, we will give you the best Lobby Chandelier solution.

K&Y can Custom your Lobby Chandeliers

No lobby chandeliers or projects are too big or too small for us. We can customize lobby chandeliers based on your designs, such as hotel lobby chandelier, lobby chandelier modern, large lobby chandelier, luxury lobby chandelier, crystal lobby chandelier, classical lobby chandelier, and so on.

Please complete the form, and our sales team will be in touch with you shortly.



Lobby Chandelier FAQs

K&Y Lighting is one of the most excellent and professional hotel lobby chandelier manufacturers and suppliers from China, we design and produce unique lobby chandeliers with high quality. Actually, K&Y Lighting has done lots of hotel lobby chandelier projects all over the world with good experience.

hospitality lobby chandelier

What are the advantages of the lobby chandelier?

As we all know, the lobby is the guest’s first impression of the hotel, and it is also the soul of the hotel. Therefore, the design of the lobby chandelier has become the top priority of the hotel project. Many hotel projects will choose professional lobby chandelier manufacturers to design hotel lobby chandeliers. So what are the advantages of the lobby chandelier design? Let’s analyze it together.

  • First, the lobby chandelier can create a hotel atmosphere

The lobby chandelier in the hotel lobby needs to create a comfortable, casual, and warm hotel atmosphere. For example, the crystal lobby chandelier in the lobby can choose warm colors, which can meet the psychological needs of customers.

In addition, professional hotel lobby chandelier manufacturers can design and customize suitable lobby chandeliers for customers according to the overall layout and environment of the hotel. In short, the lobby chandelier is the customer’s first impression of the hotel and must be taken seriously.

  • Second, the hotel lobby chandelier is both functional and artistic

The functionality of the lobby chandelier mainly refers to the design of the lobby to have sufficient brightness, and the lobby chandelier can illuminate every corner of the hotel lobby. The artistry of the hotel lobby chandelier refers to the decorative effect.

The hotel lobby needs a suitable crystal lobby chandelier design, which must satisfy both practicality and artistry. Excellent hotel lobby chandelier manufacturers and suppliers will give full consideration to the functionality and artistry of the lobby chandeliers.

The hotel lobby chandelier manufacturers generally show their characteristics based on the color, taste, and characteristics of the client hotel. The lobby chandelier will appropriately add popular design elements to make the entire lobby chandelier better reflect the characteristics of the hotel.

As your professional and excellent hotel lobby chandelier manufacturer in China, K&Y Lighting can provide high-quality lobby chandeliers with hotel characteristics. If you have any inquiries about hotel lobby chandeliers, please feel free to contact K&Y Lighting, you will have an excellent lobby chandelier solution.

How to design a lobby chandelier?

The hotel lobby chandeliers need to be designed according to the client’s needs and hotel style. Understanding the client’s requirements and designing a suitable hotel lobby chandelier is the responsibility of the lighting manufacturer.

large lobby chandelier modern

One of the key factors of uncompromising hotel lighting is practicality. When you talk about the chandelier in the hotel lobby, there is a lot of room for experimentation in brightness, color temperature, and color rendering. These three factors will affect the guests’ love and impression of the hotel.

  • The brightness of the lobby chandelier

Because too bright may disturb the mood of guests, many hotel projects like to use dim lobby chandeliers to maintain a soothing atmosphere. Keep the lobby chandelier bright enough so that you can see everything without getting your eyes tired.

  • The color temperature of the lobby chandelier

For the color temperature, it is best to use a warmer light appearance for the lobby chandelier to create a warm atmosphere. Using warm yellow lights instead of blue or white lights will make guests more comfortable. Just as most people use yellow lights in their homes, using similar tones will give guests a warm and comfortable feeling.

  • The color rendering of the lobby chandelier

For the hotel project, the rendering effect of the lobby chandelier is not so important, because there is no product to display here, but a sense of overall pursuit. But this aspect still needs attention, because the color rendering of the lobby chandelier will also affect the overall impression of the guests.

Another key element of hotel lighting is artistry. The artistry of the hotel lobby chandelier is mainly reflected in the style design. A suitable hotel lobby chandelier design can more highlight the style of the hotel.

In addition to dealing with the first sense of hoteliers in this regard, it is more important to require hotel lighting manufacturers to have professional design capabilities and experience.

K&Y Lighting is one of the most professional hotel lobby chandelier manufacturers, we have a good understanding of lobby chandeliers. Just send us your requirements, and we will provide you with a suitable and excellent hotel lobby chandelier solution.

hotel lobby chandelier ceiling

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