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Professional Modern Chandeliers Manufacturer

The modern chandelier also called contemporary chandelier, is more and more popular in interior design.

Whether you are a modern chandelier wholesaler or a contemporary chandelier retailer, K&Y Lighting has a lot of suitable designs for your reference. As a reliable modern chandelier supplier, K&Y lighting always meets different requirements for different clients.

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Black Modern Chandelier- KY Y6102

Simple design modern chandelier suitable for hotel decoration.

Black Modern Chandelier- KY Y6107C

Modern chandelier with 5-lights, perfect for hotel decoration.

White Modern Chandelier- KY Y6238C50

Modern chandelier with white fabric lampshade and clear crystals.

Dark Bronze Modern Chandelier- KY Y6172

One of K&Y best sellers modern chandeliers, in dark bronze color.

Glass Modern Chandelier- KY Y6119C

Glass Modern Chandelier with 6-lights, made of high-quality glass.

Elegant Modern Chandelier- KY Y6173C

Elegant simple design modern chandelier can custom different sizes.

High-class Modern Chandelier- KY Y7004

High-class Modern Chandelier in elegant style, made of white fabric lamp shades.

Big Size Modern Chandelier- KY Y6203C100

The series of elegant modern crystal chandelier with 15-lights.

Custom Modern Chandelier- KY Y6203C120-SM

Custom big size modern crystal chandelier with 21-lights in smoke color.

Crystal Modern Chandelier- KY Y6203C42

The series of elegant modern crystal chandelier with 4-lights.

Unique Modern Chandelier- KY Y6203C62-R

The series of unique modern crystal chandelier with ring metal frame.

Smokey Modern Chandelier- KY Y6203C90-SM

The series of elegant modern crystal chandelier with 10-lights in smoke color.

Smokey Modern Chandelier- KY Y6203C42-SM

The series of elegant modern crystal chandeliers with 4-lights in smoke color.

Unique Modern Chandelier- KY Y6203C70

The series of elegant modern crystal chandeliers with 8-lights.

Big Size Modern Chandelier- KY Y6203C100-SM

The series of elegant modern crystal chandeliers with 15-lights in smoke color.

K&Y Lighting: Your Reliable Modern Chandeliers Supplier in China

K&Y Lighting, as your professional modern contemporary chandelier manufacturer, we have released many excellent modern chandelier designs. Not only have large modern chandeliers, but also have mini modern chandeliers, there are many different color modern chandeliers as well, like black modern chandeliers, white modern chandeliers, gold modern chandeliers, chrome modern chandeliers, etc.

Right now, people prefer to use modern contemporary chandeliers to decorate homes, there are modern chandeliers for dining rooms, modern chandeliers for living rooms, modern chandeliers for bedrooms, modern chandeliers for foyers, etc.

Besides, K&Y has completed a lot of custom modern chandelier lights for hotel and event party projects, even for home decoration. Choosing K&Y Lighting as your modern chandelier lighting manufacturer will be a good choice.

Nowadays, the modern crystal chandelier is more and more popular in the lighting market. The contemporary crystal chandelier both have modern and crystal style, it is quite perfect for interior design in any style. K&Y Lighting not only has thousands of unique modern crystal chandeliers designs but also has very strong R&D ability and we nearly release contemporary crystal chandeliers every month to make sure you have enough lighting selection.

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K&Y RoHS Certification K&Y CE Certification K&Y CB Certification K&Y CB Certification

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K&Y Lighting Provide Modern Chandelier OEM&ODM Service

K&Y Lighting provides a one-stop modern contemporary chandelier purchase service, (Including lighting design, Production, Inspection, Shipment, product photographs, product catalog making, and printing and etc.)

Based on professional design & production capacity, we provide not only OEM but also a complete ODM service.

Just send us your detailed requirement, we will give you the best Modern Chandeliers solution.

K&Y can Custom your Modern Chandeliers

No modern & contemporary chandeliers or projects are too big or too small for us. We can custom different types of Modern Chandeliers based on your designs, like brass contemporary chandeliers, contemporary glass chandeliers, contemporary crystal chandeliers, etc.

Please complete the form, and our sales team will be in touch with you shortly.

modern chandelier drawing


Modern Chandelier FAQs

How do you develop new modern chandeliers?

Our K&Y Lighting is one of the most excellent modern chandelier manufacturers in China, with very strong R&D, every month we have new items released, and with lots of items for your choice from our thousands of SKU. How we develop new designs which catch the lighting trends? Let’s show you some ideas:

  • K&Y always pay attention to lighting market new trends

To know about the lighting market new trends is the important party to develop new modern chandelier designs. K&Y Lighting has a professional design team with good experience, and our designers always focus on the lighting market. We know about which style or design is popular in the lighting market timely, and then our designer will refer to the popular design (like finish, material, size, shape, style, etc.) to develop a new modern chandelier.

  • K&Y works with many different markets

Working with different markets has the benefit that K&Y will know the popular modern chandelier designs in different markets. For example, the black modern chandelier is a best seller in the US in 2020, but in Europe, the mid-century modern chandelier is more popular. Designing your chandelier based on different markets will more easy to catch different needs.

chandelier markets

  • K&Y works with different types of client

As an excellent modern chandelier supplier, K&Y Lighting is working with a lot of different types of clients. There are lighting brands, lighting wholesalers and retailers, event and wedding party design companies, project design companies, construction companies, lighting designers, and so on. Different types of clients will need different lighting designs, working with more types of clients will know more about the lighting trends. K&Y will design a new modern chandelier refer to all types of client needs.

  • With good experience and a professional design team

A professional design team with excellent experience is another important party to develop new lighting designs. All of our designers have worked in the lighting industry for more than 10 years, with our understanding of lighting and market research, K&Y will develop more excellent lighting designs.

modern chandelier designer

Which certification does your modern chandelier have?

All of our modern chandeliers are have CE, UL, CB, ROHS certificates. K&Y Lighting is focused on a high-class market and all of our modern chandeliers are of good quality. We have QC to check every production process, all accessories and electrical appliances must meet quality and safety requirements.

Do you have modern led chandeliers?

Yes, K&Y Lighting has a lot of modern led chandeliers, actually, all of our lightings can use a led light source.

The modern led chandelier is one of our popular chandelier lights for sale. There are large modern led chandeliers and mini modern led chandeliers in different materials, like acrylic modern led chandeliers, crystal modern led chandeliers, brass modern led chandeliers, etc.

Any inquiries for modern chandeliers, welcome to contact K&Y Lighting, you will have a good lighting solution.

Can you share a custom modern led chandelier project?

Yes, please check the picture for one of the K&Y modern led chandeliers. It just one size, actually, we have made some different sizes for the whole project. These modern led chandeliers are used in the hotel restaurant.

modern led chandelier drawing

The modern led chandelier drawing

modern led chandelier

Our QC is checking the finished product in the workshop

modern led chandelier packaging

The professional packaging for modern led chandelier

As a professional modern chandelier manufacturer, K&Y Lighting has done many projects. The modern led chandelier is more and more popular in the market right now. Not only in interior design but also in project design. If you have any inquiries for a modern led chandelier, just contact K&Y, and our sales team will get back to you shortly.

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