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Mosque Chandelier Project

Description: One of the luxury mosque chandelier projects from K&Y Lighting. Our client sends us pictures and informs the design concept. After understanding the on-site installation situation and customer needs, we immediately gave a solution.

mosque chandelier lighting


1. Hardware Component Production

2. Trial Installation of Hardware Frame

In custom chandeliers, especially large custom chandeliers, trial installation of the hardware frame is a very important step. During the trial installation of the hardware frame, it can check the structure and design of the custom mosque chandelier.

mosque chandelier hareware frame

3. Assembly Process

4. Trial Installation of Finished Product

Mosque Chandelier Installation Video Guide

As a professional Masjid Chandelier manufacturer and supplier, K&Y Lighting will provide a detailed installation video guide for every mosque chandelier project, especially large mosque chandeliers. Considering the customer’s on-site installation is also a manifestation of high-quality service.

Mosque Lighting Quality Control

The mosque chandelier from K&Y Lighting is of good quality. K&Y Lighting is one of the most reliable custom mosque chandelier manufacturers and suppliers in China, we have a professional QC team to check and control the quality of every Islamic Chandelier project.

Matching Indoor and Outdoor Wall Lights

If you have any inquiries for mosque chandelier projects, please contact K&Y Lighting. You will have a good Masjid Chandelier solution. 
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K&Y Mosque Chandelier
K&Y Mosque Chandelier Project

We really thank for our customer sharing the fantastic photo with us after K&Y mosque chandeliers were installed in the fantastic mosque.

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