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Mosque Chandelier as a special Islamic lighting is usually used to illuminate Mosque and other buildings in Mosque complexes. As a professional lighting manufacturer, KY Lighting always gets inquiries about Masjid lighting and we would commit to fulfilling the need of high-quality from our clients. We have much rich experience with Mosques Chandelier Projects and have received trusts from our customers all over the world.

Here is an example for Masjid Lighting Project KY Lighting has done recently to show you a perfect solution for a Mosque.

Inquiry & Communication & Drawings

Recently, KY Lighting got an inquiry about custom Mosque Lighting Project from our client. After the communication with the client, we were very specific about the client’s requirements and offer a perfect proposal immediately. According to the client, the Islamic Lighting Project required for large Mosque wall lamps, Mosque Chandeliers in different sizes, and an Oversize Mosque Crystal Ceiling Lamp. All the lights would be matching to each other. Here are the drawings from KY professional designers based on the discussion with client.


After the confirmation of the drawings from our customer, KY Lighting arranged the production ASAP according the contact.

  1. Hardware Accessories Production and First Trial Installation.

Hardware accessories as important parts of a Masjid Chandelier, KY Lighting would choose good-quality metal to product the hardware accessories and then do the first trial installation before the next step of production. KY Lighting would find whether there are some questions with the Mosque Lights accessories for the custom project.

  1. Hardware Accessories Painting

All the hardware accessories need to be painting to a specific color according to the requirements from the clients.

  1. The Second Trial Installation in KY Lighting factory.

After painting, KY Lighting would also do a trial installation to show overall effect and send to our clients to have a check the Islamic lights. Meanwhile, it is a process to check the quality of the Mosque Lighting. KY Lighting has a strict quality control system to ensure the satisfaction from our clients. Let’s have a look the images from trial installation and see the Masjid Lights from different views.

It is really a great an honor for KY Lighting to working with such a wonderful Mosque Lighting Project.

If you have any inquiry relating to Masjid lights, you are welcome to contact us anytime. Of cause, the customization of Mosque Lights is definitely available for KY Lighting.

Here are more Mosque Chandeliers for your reference:

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