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Professional Pendant Lamp Manufacturer

K&Y Lighting is a professional luxury pendant light manufacturer, enjoying a high reputation. We are much focused on R&D ability and product quality.

K&Y has been manufacturing high-end pendant lights for over 10 years and we can offer all kinds of luxury pendant lights, such as crystal pendant lights, glass pendant lights, wrought iron pendant lights, and acrylic pendant lamps, etc. Also, we can custom pendant lights based on your requirement.

Send us your needs, we will give you the luxury pendant light solution based on your detailed requirement.

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Crystal Pendant Light-Crystal Pendant Lighting-KYY6640

The luxury crystal pendant light with modern style.

High-end Pendant Light-Hotel Pendant Light-KY Y6634

One of the K&Y crystal pendant lights is made of high-quality crystal.

Crystal Pendant Light-Crystal Pendant Lighting-KY Y4014G

The crystal pendant light is suitable for interior design.

Crystal Pendant Light-Luxury Crystal Pendant Light-KYY6904

The crystal pendant lamp is suitable for hotel projects.

Crystal Pendant Lamp-Luxury Crystal Pendant Light-KYY6821-G

The crystal pendant lamp with high quality.

Luxury Crystal Pendant Light-Crystal Pendant Lighting-KYY6641

The luxury crystal pendant light is suitable for home décor.

Crystal Pendant Lamp-Crystal Pendant Lighting-KYY6642

The modern crystal pendant light with good quality and modern style.

Crystal Pendant Light-High-end Pendant Light-KY Y6626

One of the K&Y modern crystal pendant lights is suitable for events.

Modern Crystal Pendant Light - KY Y3952

A modern design crystal pendant lamp is made of high-quality crystals.

Hotel Lighting-Crystal Pendant Light-KY Y6625

K&Y high-end pendant light is quite suitable for hotel projects.

Modern Pendant Light-Modern Pendant Lamp-KY Y6233B

The modern pendant light fixture is popular in home decoration.

Glass Vintage Pendant Light-Luxury Pendant Lighting-KY Y6895

The antique pendant light is made of high-quality glass and a gold-finished fixture.

Antique Pendant Light Fixture - KY Y1110BR40

One of the K&Y antique-style pendant lights, made of a gold finish lighting frame.

Antique Bronze Pendant Light - KY Y1066B40

K&Y vintage pendant lamp is quite suitable for event and wedding party decoration.

Glass Pendant Lamp - KY Y8801-3L

The decorative pendant light with 3-lights, made of gold finish fixture and glass shades.

Black and Gold Modern Pendant Lamp - KY Y8806-7L

The modern pendant lights for dining room, made of gold and black finish fixture.

New design Industrial style Pendant Lamp-KYY6612

New design Industrial style Pendant lamp with new fashion.

Black and Wood Pendant Light - KY Y9940

The modern wood pendant light is high quality, suitable for home decoration.

Modern Pendant Lamp- Decorative Pendant Light-KY Y6981

K&Y contemporary pendant light is popular in interior design.

Grey Feather Pendant Light - KYF9903-G-D600MM

K&Y best seller feather pendant light can custom in different colors and sizes.

K&Y Lighting: Your Reliable Luxury Pendant Light Supplier in China

K&Y Lighting has about 50 employees and a factory of nearly 5,000 square meters. We have our own hardware workshop and mold machine, punching machine, polishing machine, we can provide OEM products and directly control the quality to ensure timely delivery. At the same time, we have assembly lines and good production capacity, which can fully meet customer order requirements.

K&Y Lighting takes part in the Lighting exhibition four times every year. We meet different clients from different markets, and we have built up a stable business relationship with them. We have close cooperation with our clients all over the world.

Besides, K&Y has thousands of high-end pendant lights for your choice. The pendant lamps are suitable for home decoration, interior design, hotels, convention halls, ballroom, building lobby, apartment, office, shopping mall, boutique shop, furniture shop, clothes shop, even perfect for event party decoration.

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K&Y Lighting Provide Luxury Pendant Lighting OEM & ODM Service

K&Y Lighting provides a one-stop luxury pendant light purchase service, (Including lighting design, Production, Inspection, Shipment, product photographs, product catalog making and printing and etc.)

Based on professional design & production capacity, we provide not only OEM but also a complete ODM service.

Just send us your detailed requirement, we will give you the best luxury pendant lighting solution.

K&Y can Custom your High-End Pendant Lights

No pendant lights or projects are too big or too small for us. We can custom your luxury pendant lighting based on your designs.

Please complete the form, and our sales team will be in touch with you shortly.

K&Y Crystal Pendant Lamp Drawing

Pendant Lights FAQs

What is the difference between a pendant lamp and a chandelier?

Usually, the pendant light design is simpler than the chandelier, and the pendant lamp is easier to install than the chandelier as well.

For applications, mostly chandeliers tend to be decorative, but pendant lightings have both practical and decorative purposes. The pendant light is more popular in the kitchen, dining room, and the chandelier is popular in the living room, a hotel lobby. When you choosing the lighting type for your home or project, please choose based on your needs.

For the installation, since the chandelier has many light arms, usually, it is difficult to install than pendant light. Besides, the pendant lamp is also easier to clean than the chandelier. Pendant lighting with its simple design and easy installation is popular in interior design.

K&Y Lighting, as your professional pendant light manufacturer, will be your good pendant lighting partner. Any inquiries for a pendant lamp, just contact us, K&Y Lighting will provide you a good solution.

Chandelier VS Pendant Light

What type of pendant light do you have?

As one of the most reliable pendant light factories, K&Y Lighting has lots of pendant light fixtures. There are glass pendant lights, metal and wood pendant lights, modern wood pendant lights, modern crystal pendant lights, feather pendant lights, black modern pendant lights, gold crystal pendant lights, Hotel pendant lights, industrial pendant lamps, mid-century modern pendant lamps, etc. Today, let us show you some best seller decorative pendant light fixtures from K&Y Lighting for reference.

Large Glass Pendant Light

The large glass pendant light is one of the most popular pendant light fixtures from K&Y Lighting. Usually, K&Y Lighting will use high-quality glass to produce the large glass pendant light, all the K&Y glass pendant lights are of good quality. There are colorful glass pendant lights, blown glass pendant lights, modern glass pendant lights, antique glass pendant lights, luxury glass pendant lights, etc. for your reference.

Crystal Pendant Light

K&Y Lighting is your excellent pendant light manufacturer in China, we are very professional in crystal pendant lights. Usually, K&Y Lighting uses Chinese top-line crystals to manufacturing the crystal pendant lights, we also can produce Swarovski crystal pendant lights based on the client’s needs. Whether mini crystal pendant lights, small crystal pendant lights, or large crystal pendant lights, K&Y Lighting can produce. There are modern crystal pendant lights, luxury crystal pendant lights, round crystal pendant lights, gold crystal pendant lights, black crystal pendant lights for your choice as well.

Led Crystal Pendant Light

The led crystal pendant light is more and more popular in interior design. In recent years, K&Y Lighting has released many led crystal pendant lights for different customers for wholesale, events, projects. K&Y Lighting led crystal pendant lamp both has high quality and unique design.

Modern Pendant Light

K&Y Lighting has lots of modern pendant lights with high quality and unique design. As your professional pendant light supplier, K&Y Lighting provides many different contemporary pendant light fixtures for your selection. Such as black modern pendant lights, large modern pendant lights, rustic modern pendant lights, mid-century modern pendant lamps, modern wood pendant lights, modern brass pendant lights, modern pendant lights for kitchen, modern pendant lights for dining room, etc.

Led Modern Pendant Light

Like led crystal pendant lights, the led modern pendant lights are also very popular in interior design. K&Y Lighting is your excellent pendant light factory in China, all of our led modern pendant lights are of good quality, and the led modern pendant lights usually released based on the client’s needs.

Luxury Modern Pendant Light

K&Y Lighting is working in the high-end market, and we have released many luxury pendant lights for different customers. K&Y high-end pendant lights are widely used in hotel projects, villa projects, church projects, and all the luxury modern pendant lights are of good quality. Besides, K&Y Lighting has done lots of custom luxury pendant lights.

Hotel Pendant Light

As one of the most excellent hospitality lighting manufacturers from China, K&Y Lighting is professional in producing hotel pendant lighting. Actually, K&Y Lighting has completed a lot of hotel pendant light projects for different clients in different markets with good experience. No hotel pendant light is too big or too small for us.

Feather Pendant Light

K&Y Lighting is your reliable pendant lamp supplier, we are also good at producing feather pendant light. All the K&Y feather pendant lights are of high quality, and there are grey feather pendant lights, white feather pendant lights, black feather pendant lights, gold feather pendant lights for your choice.

Industrial Pendant Light

The industrial pendant light is one of the popular pendant light fixtures from K&Y Lighting. As a professional pendant light manufacturer, K&Y Lighting has many industrial pendant light fixtures for your choice. There is black industrial pendant light, a brass industrial pendant lamp, a glass industrial pendant light, a copper industrial pendant lamp, industrial metal pendant light, large industrial pendant light, modern industrial pendant light, a vintage industrial pendant lamp, industrial pendant light kitchen, etc.

Metal Pendant Light

The metal pendant light is one of the modern pendant light fixtures which is popular in home decoration. K&Y Lighting metal pendant light with its modern design and high quality is the best seller in many different markets. There is black metal pendant light, white metal pendant light, wood and metal pendant light, industrial metal pendant light for your reference.

Brass Pendant Light

K&Y Lighting is an excellent pendant light factory from China, we have developed many unique brass pendant light fixtures. K&Y Lighting has black and brass pendant light, white and brass pendant light, brushed brass pendant light, antique brass pendant light, modern brass pendant light, large brass pendant light, brass pendant light kitchen for your selection.

Multiple Pendant Light

The multiple pendant lights are very popular in home decoration. Actually, K&Y Lighting has released many multiple pendant lights for different customers, and all of our multiple pendant light fixtures are of good quality and unique design. Any inquiries for multiple pendant light chandeliers, please contact K&Y Lighting, we will try our best to support you.

Most important that K&Y can custom pendant light in any style or materials. If you have a project or you would like to have a special pendant lamp design, bespoke pendant light will be your best choice. Just contact K&Y Lighting for your custom pendant light, we will try our best to support you.

luxury pendant light

How do you verify the quality of the pendant light?

As your professional pendant light manufacturer in China, K&Y Lighting has a good understanding of producing and choosing excellent pendant lights. Today, let us provide some tips to help you choose a good-quality pendant lamp.

  • Purchase pendant lighting from a reliable lighting supplier. Most reliable pendant light factories have manufactured and tested thousands of types and qualities of pendant lights over the years. Therefore due to the pendant light supplier with expertise experience, they are aimed at providing high-quality pendant lamps to their clients.
  • Ensure that the warranty period is more than 2 years from the pendant light manufacturer. This makes sure that the pendant lighting is of high quality.
  • In order to eliminate any doubts about the quality of the pendant lamp, it is wise to buy from a well-known pendant light supplier. In this way, not only can you ensure that you get a good service, but also the quality of the pendant light products.

K&Y Lighting has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing pendant lights, and we have a high reputation with our clients. All the pendant light fixtures produced by K&Y Lighting are of high quality. Choosing K&Y Lighting to be your pendant light factory will be a good choice, you will have high-quality pendant lights from us.

pendant light

How to choose pendant lights?

As your professional pendant light manufacturer from China, K&Y Lighting has a good understanding of choosing pendant light. Today, K&Y Lighting would like to provide you some idea for a choose a pendant light, please check below:

Step 1: Know the Different Types of Pendant Lights

To know what kind of types of pendant light can provide you for selection is a very important thing.

Step 2: Consider the Location and the Height of the Ceiling

The position and height of the ceiling will affect your choice of a pendant light, such as the size, shape.

Step 3: Consider the Shape of Pendant Lights

In order to match your house style, you must consider the shape of the pendant light.

Step 4: Choose the Right Size of Pendant Lights

Choosing the right size of the pendant light is a very important thing as well. You must choose a pendant light according to your dimension.

Step 5: Find Easy to Clean Pendant Lights

The cleaning of the pendant light is one of the factors to consider as well. The easy-to-clean pendant light style may be your better choice.

If you have projects that need to choose pendant light fixtures, please contact us, K&Y Lighting will provide you a professional solution.

Which is better to use warm light or cool light for the pendant light?

Bulbs Color for pendant light

It’s hard to say which one is better, cold light or warm light. Different applications are suitable for different lights.

Cool light for the pendant lamp looks great in a modern room and works better in bright places, while warm light works better in places where you are looking for soft light. The pendant light with cool light is particularly suitable for living rooms, study rooms, and kitchens, and the pendant light with warm light is perfect for the dining room, bedroom.

Cool light is described as bluish-white, which provides a clear and clean luminous effect, while warm white emits a light yellow luminous effect, making softer and warmer tones softer. In contrast, warm white light bulbs are perfect for family rooms that want to create a calm and homely atmosphere.

Choose suitable light bulbs color for your pendant light is very important for your home decoration.

How do you ship pendant lights from China?

Shpping for pendant light

There are sea, air, road, or rail transportation to ship your custom lighting based on your needs.

  • Shipping by sea is the slowest one, and it is the cheapest way you can use it.
  • Air transport is the fastest and most expensive method best used when transporting fragile goods.
  • For railway and road transportation, the destination must have railway or road transportation conditions. The price is relatively cheap.

The shipping method will be determined according to your pendant lamp quantity, price requirements, and delivery time.

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