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The residential lighting also called home lighting, which used in houses, villas, apartments, even mobile houses. K&Y Lighting is one of the most professional residential lighting manufacturers from China, we have many excellent residential lighting designs. There is a home chandelier, home pendant light, home ceiling light, home wall light, home table lamp, home floor lamp for your choice.

K&Y is a reliable residential lighting company, and we have provided many residential lighting fixtures for wholesalers and retailers. What’s more, K&Y has completed lots of villa and apartment projects. Our professional designer team always provides a good residential lighting solution for different projects. If you are looking for home lighting fixtures, please don’t hesitate to contact K&Y, you will get a satisfactory home lighting solution.

Home Chandelier

Compared with hotel chandeliers, home chandeliers are smaller in size. As a home lighting factory, K&Y Lighting has thousands of home chandelier lighting for your choice, like kitchen chandelier, living room chandelier, dining room chandelier, bathroom chandelier, bedroom chandelier, study room chandelier, foyer chandelier, entryway chandelier, hallway chandelier, closet chandelier, staircase chandelier, etc.

  • Villa Chandelier

K&Y villa chandelier has luxurious style, classical style, and modern style, among which the best-selling is crystal chandelier. K&Y usually uses Chinese top-line crystal to produce the villa chandelier, and our shiny and brilliant crystal chandeliers make the villa looks more beautiful and luxurious.

  • Foyer Chandelier

The foyer chandelier is an important part of home lighting decoration. As your excellent residential lighting manufacturer, K&Y designed many unique foyer chandeliers, like 2 story foyer chandeliers, crystal foyer chandeliers, contemporary foyer chandeliers, high ceiling foyer chandelier, black foyer chandelier, and so on. A variety of options to serve your different styles.

  • Hallway Chandelier

K&Y Lighting has many good hallway chandelier ideas, and we always provide you an excellent residential lighting solution for our clients. For all of our wholesale chandeliers, the hallway chandelier is one of the best seller lighting designs, we have small hallway chandeliers, large hallway chandeliers, modern hallway chandeliers, rustic hallway chandeliers for your choice.

  • Living Room Chandelier

For residential lighting design, the living room chandelier is quite important, a better living room chandelier will make the house more different. K&Y with its good experience in home lighting decoration, releasing a lot of living room chandelier lights, such as modern living room chandelier, large living room chandelier, high ceiling living room chandelier, etc. All our home lighting fixtures are of high quality.

Home Pendant Light

The home pendant lamp is another selection of residential lighting designs, and it is also easy to match your house in different styles. K&Y Lighting is a professional residential light company in China, we have developed lots of pendant light designs, and they exported to different countries. K&Y home pendant light included kitchen pendant light, dining room pendant light, living room pendant light, entryway pendant light, foyer pendant light, etc.

  • Kitchen Pendant Light

The pendant light is quite popular in kitchen decoration, most of our wholesale clients need to develop new kitchen pendant light fixtures from us every year. And the most popular kitchen pendant lamp is the black kitchen pendant light, modern kitchen pendant light, glass kitchen pendant light. In recent years, a custom pendant light is more and more popular.

  • Dining Room Pendant Light

K&Y Lighting, as your residential lighting manufacturer, we have lots of good dining room pendant light ideas. K&Y has released many excellent dining room pendant light fixtures, and the popular designs are modern dining room pendant light, mid-century modern dining room pendant light, black dining room pendant light.

  • Entryway Pendant Light

All of K&Y entryway pendant lights with unique design and high quality. Our R&D department usually develops new pendant light designs based on lighting market trends and our client’s needs. The modern entryway pendant light and the black entryway pendant light are more and more popular with our client, not only in wholesale but also in the project.

Home Ceiling Light

The home ceiling light usually designed in a simple style, as your professional residential lighting company, K&Y Lighting always produce home ceiling lamp with a simple design and high quality. Some of our options for home ceiling light fixtures include bedroom ceiling light, dining room ceiling light, living room ceiling light, kitchen ceiling light, and more.

  • Bedroom Ceiling Light

The modern bedroom ceiling light is quite popular in bedroom decoration. K&Y Lighting always develops bedroom ceiling lights based on the lighting market, we provide ceiling lamps with illuminating and decorative functions. Besides, K&Y has completed a lot of custom ceiling lights for home lighting decoration.

  • Living Room Ceiling Light

The living room ceiling light is one of the K&Y bestseller lighting designs, we export many unique living room ceiling lights every year. Our designer team is usually developing new ceiling light designs based on the client’s needs. Our excellent ceiling lamp design includes crystal ceiling lighting, gold crystal ceiling light, modern ceiling light led, crystal ceiling chandelier, etc.

Home Wall Light

The home wall lamp is not only has a lighting function but also has a decorative function. K&Y Lighting is an excellent residential lighting manufacturer, we have many unique residential wall sconces to match the series of home chandeliers, home pendant lights, home ceiling lights. There are modern wall lamps, mid-century modern wall sconces, glass wall lights, crystal wall lights, antique crystal wall sconces, stone wall lamps, Baccarat wall lights, etc.

Home Table Lamp

As your reliable home lighting factory, K&Y Lighting has many elegant home table lights for your choice. Besides, we release new table light fixtures every month to make sure you have enough SKU to choose from. K&Y excellent home table lights include glass table lamps, feather table lamps, crystal table lights, modern table lamps, vintage crystal table lamps, and do on. Different styles will your different houses.

Home Floor Lamp

The home floor light is suitable for the living room, dining room, bedroom, or study room. K&Y home floor lamps usually made of high-quality materials, and also have unique designs. There are modern floor lamps, crystal floor lamps, crystal floor lamp chandeliers, led floor lights for your choice. If you would like to have a better home floor lamp, just contact K&Y.


K&Y Lighting: Your Reliable Home Lighting Factory in China

Residential lighting is an important part of indoor lighting. K&Y Lighting is one of the most excellent and reliable residential lighting manufacturers from China, we always provide good home lighting ideas and residential lighting solutions to you. Among our many indoor lighting fixture choices, there is always a style that suits your house. If you would like to have a special home, custom lighting will be your best choice. Actually, K&Y Lighting has completed lots of home lighting decoration projects, we have good experience in custom residential lighting.

As your professional residential light company, K&Y also has many different styles of home chandelier lighting, home pendant lamp, home ceiling lamp, residential wall sconce, home table lamp, and home floor lamp to match your house. Every year, we supply thousands of residential light designs to indoor lighting wholesalers all over the world and develop many new lighting designs for them.

Choosing K&Y to be your home lighting factory, choosing thousands of excellent residential lighting designs.

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