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The staircase chandelier also called the stairwell chandelier is one of the common home chandeliers. Staircase chandelier has many different types, generally, K&Y Lighting will custom staircase chandelier based on different requirements.

As one of the most professional staircase chandelier manufacturers in China, K&Y Lighting is very good at staircase chandeliers. Actually, we have done lots of stairwell chandeliers for our customers.

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Staircase Lighting-Modern Staircase Chandelier-KY Y2005C70

One of the K&Y popular stairwell chandeliers.

Stairwell Lighting-Long Staircase Chandelier-KY Y2009C60

One of the K&Y staircase chandeliers with a unique design.

Staircase Chandelier-Simple Staircase Chandelier-KY Y2019C70

The stairwell chandelier is made of high-quality crystals.

Stairwell Chandelier-Modern Staircase Chandelier-KY Y2025C80

The staircase chandelier modern is made of a chrome finish lighting fixture.

Staircase Lighting Fixture-Staircase Chandelier-KY Y3195C40

The stairwell chandelier is a best seller in many different markets.

Staircase Chandelier-Stairwell Lighting Fixture-KY Y3196C40

The contemporary staircase chandelier with high quality.

Staircase Chandelier-Long Stairwell Chandelier-KY Y2059C45

The staircase chandelier with unique design and high quality.

Staircase Chandelier-Stairwell Chandelier Lighting-KY Y2061C80

Modern stairwell chandelier with Chinese K9 crystals and high-end quality stainless steel.

Staircase Chandelier-Modern Staircase Lighting-KY Y2072C90

The stairwell chandelier is made of a shiny chrome lighting fixture and high-quality glass.

Large Stairwell Chandelier-Staircase Chandelier-KY Y3023G75

One of best-seller stairwell chandeliers from K&Y Lighting.

Stairwell Lighting-Staircase Chandelier-KY Y3066G110

The long staircase chandelier is made of a shiny chrome finish frame.

Long Staircase Chandelier-Large Stairwell Chandelier-KY2309

The long stairwell chandelier with high quality and elegant design.

K&Y Lighting: Your Excellent Staircase Chandelier Manufacturer

K&Y Lighting has rich experience in the design of staircase chandeliers. We have designed many staircase chandeliers for different projects. There is a long stairwell chandelier, large stairwell chandelier, small staircase chandelier, modern staircase chandelier, simple staircase chandelier, etc. You only need to tell K&Y Lighting your staircase chandelier ideas, and we will immediately give a suitable solution for staircase lighting.

As your excellent staircase chandelier manufacturer in China, K&Y Lighting is very professional in large stairwell chandeliers and long staircase chandeliers. Actually, K&Y Lighting has completed many difficult staircase chandeliers projects.

Just contact K&Y Lighting, if you have any staircase chandelier projects, our reliable sales team will get back to you soon.

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K&Y Lighting Provide All Types of Staircase Chandeliers OEM & ODM Service

K&Y Lighting provides a one-stop Staircase Chandelier purchase service, (Including lighting design, Production, Inspection, Shipment, Products photograph, Products catalog making, and printing and etc.)

Based on professional design & production capacity, we provide not only OEM but also a complete ODM service.

Just send us your detailed requirement, we will give you the best Staircase Chandelier solution.

K&Y can Custom your Staircase Chandelier

No Staircase Chandeliers or projects are too big or too small for us. We can produce Staircase Chandelier based on your designs, like modern staircase chandelier, long staircase chandelier, large stairwell chandelier, small staircase chandelier, simple staircase chandelier, and so on.

Please complete the form, and our sales team will be in touch with you shortly.


Staircase Chandelier FAQs

The staircase chandelier is also called a stairwell chandelier. Usually, staircase chandeliers are mostly linear chandeliers. The staircase chandelier is one of the most popular chandelier designs in home decoration and hotel projects. K&Y Lighting is one of the most professional and excellent staircase chandelier manufacturers in China, we are very good at designing and producing staircase chandeliers.

What is a staircase chandelier?

The staircase chandelier is a long linear chandelier used on stairs. Staircase chandeliers are not only often used in home decoration, but also very popular in hotel projects. The staircase chandelier is an elegant and unique chandelier design, it is usually designed according to different stair structures.

As one of the most reliable staircase chandelier manufacturers from China, K&Y Lighting has released a lot of excellent stairwell chandeliers for our clients, and we have developed many different custom staircase chandeliers for projects, with good experience.

If you have any staircase chandelier inquiries, please feel free to contact us. You will have a good stairwell chandelier solution from us.

stairwell chandelier for hotel

Why are most of the staircase chandeliers linear?

For narrow and long spaces such as stairs, it will be better to use more linear chandeliers to supplement the overall space ratio of the room. Staircase chandeliers use linear chandeliers to have a higher space utilization rate and use linear chandeliers to decorate the entire staircase with more coordinated and beautiful proportions.

The reason why linear chandeliers are so popular in staircase lighting is that they can save space very well, and the decorative effect is as good as other chandeliers. In addition, the linear chandelier is of high quality and unique design. Different use scenarios require a suitable chandelier design, K&Y Lighting can produce your staircase chandelier based on your needs.

Any inquiries for the staircase chandelier, welcome to contact K&Y Lighting, we will get back to you soon.

What kind of staircase chandelier can you manufacture?

K&Y Lighting is your reliable and professional staircase chandelier manufacturer in China, we have many different staircase chandelier designs for your selection. Besides, K&Y Lighting can custom staircase chandelier as well. Actually, K&Y Lighting has completed a lot of custom stairwell chandeliers in different projects and we have a good understanding of staircase chandeliers.

Crystal staircase chandelier

K&Y Lighting is one of the most professional crystal chandelier manufacturers from China, we are particularly good at crystal staircase chandeliers. Actually, K&Y Lighting has many different crystal staircase chandelier designs for your choice, and all of our crystal staircase chandeliers are of high quality and elegant design.

The crystal staircase chandelier has shiny crystals, which makes the stairs brighter and more attractive, especially in some high-end clubs or hotels, the shiny crystal staircase chandelier will leave a deep impression on people.

Modern staircase chandelier

The modern staircase chandelier is also called a contemporary staircase chandelier. Modern staircase chandelier is another popular stairwell chandelier design in interior design.

Usually, most modern staircase chandeliers will use LED light sources. According to the lighting market, the modern staircase chandelier has been developing. More and more modern staircase chandeliers will combine different popular elements to design new modern staircase chandeliers that adapt to the trend.

Actually, K&Y Lighting always pays attention to the lighting market and fashion, our designer will release a modern staircase chandelier according to it.

Simple staircase chandelier

The simple staircase chandelier is quite popular and suitable for home decoration. The simple staircase chandelier, as its name implies, refers to the staircase chandelier with a simple design style.

K&Y Lighting is your reliable staircase chandelier manufacturer from China, we have a lot of simple staircase chandelier fixtures for your choice. Even if it’s just a simple staircase chandelier, we still maintain high quality.

Small staircase chandelier

The small staircase chandelier is suitable for use in houses with relatively low stairs. The small staircase chandelier has an exquisite design and compact shape, which is an important member of the staircase chandelier.

K&Y Lighting has done many different small staircase chandelier projects in different markets. As your professional staircase chandelier manufacturer, K&Y Lighting attaches great importance to the quality of staircase chandeliers, and the same is true for small staircase chandeliers.

Large stairwell chandelier

The large stairwell chandelier is best-selling in hotel projects and villa projects. Generally, K&Y Lighting can custom large stairwell chandeliers based on the project with different requirements. The production and design of a large stairwell chandelier are more difficult, but its decorative effect will be spectacular.

As one of the most professional and excellent staircase chandelier manufacturers in China, K&Y Lighting has a good understanding of the large stairwell chandelier. Actually, K&Y Lighting has completed many large stairwell chandelier projects all over the world.

Long stairwell chandelier

The long stairwell chandelier is one of the most popular stairwell chandelier designs in the lighting market. Most stairwell chandeliers are designed for long staircase chandeliers.

Actually, as your reliable staircase chandelier manufacturer, K&Y Lighting is very professional in designing long stairwell chandeliers. All of our long stairwell chandeliers are of unique design since our R&D department has a good understanding of the lighting trend.

If you have any inquiries for staircase chandeliers, just contact K&Y Lighting, you will enjoy our high quality and excellent service.

Which staircase chandelier is the most popular in interior design?

modern staircase chandelier

The twister chandelier (also called spiral chandelier) is the most popular staircase chandelier from K&Y Lighting. The twister chandelier has become one of the most popular designs of staircase chandeliers because of its elegant shape and unique design. Especially in some buildings with spiral staircases, twister staircase chandeliers are more suitable for decoration.

The twister chandelier is designed to be wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. This design gives people good visual enjoyment. No matter which direction you look at, the effect of the twister chandelier is different.

K&Y Lighting, as your excellent staircase chandelier manufacturer in China, has a lot of excellent twister chandelier designs. According to the lighting market and customer needs, K&Y Lighting will develop more and more unique twister chandeliers with high quality.

How to find the best staircase chandelier?

When you have a gorgeous open staircase, set the tone for your decoration. However, something seems to be missing. At this time, you need a stair chandelier to add a little color to your home decoration or hotel project. If you think that the staircase chandelier is just for lighting, then you are wrong, the role of the staircase chandelier is actually decoration.

If you are looking for the perfect staircase chandelier, maybe K&Y Lighting can provide some help. There are some tips for choosing a staircase chandelier for your reference.

staircase chandelier drawing

Determine the overall effect you want

What effect do you hope the staircase chandelier will bring to you? Do you want the staircase chandelier to be the focal point of your room? Or just a simple addition to your staircase style?

Regarding the staircase chandelier as the focal point of interior design, or as a simple decoration aid, these are two completely different concepts. You need to consider this before deciding what kind of staircase chandelier you need.

Style of staircase chandelier

There are many styles of staircase chandeliers, and different aesthetics will make different choices. Translating your needs into a style may be easier when choosing. Do you want a modern staircase chandelier? Traditional? Gorgeous? Industrial?

Before deciding what style of staircase chandelier to choose, let’s first understand what styles of staircase chandelier have in the lighting market. You can refer to it online, or choose a reliable staircase chandelier supplier for consultation. Then combine your own house style and actual situation to choose.

The lighting effect of the staircase chandelier

Although the main function of the staircase chandelier is decoration, the essence of the lamp is still inseparable from lighting. Choosing a staircase chandelier is more than just choosing a design you like. This is also related to lighting.

Each staircase chandelier has a different way of emitting light, which will affect your choice. Before choosing a staircase chandelier, decide whether you want to spread the light or gather the light. In addition, some staircase chandeliers have a dimming function.

Dimension of staircase chandelier

The size of your room and the size of the stairs have an important influence on the size of the staircase chandelier you should buy. Not only staircase chandeliers, but when you choose all other decorative lightings, you need to consider the size.

The suitable size will make your staircase chandelier decoration effect icing on the cake. Of course, more importantly, the right size can ensure that the staircase chandelier you buy can be installed.

Check the load capacity of the ceiling

The last thing you want to happen is that after buying a staircase chandelier, you find that your ceiling cannot support the installation of the staircase chandelier. So before buying a staircase chandelier, you need to get clear restrictions. Ceiling load-bearing is also a consideration when buying staircase chandeliers. For example, you can’t choose too heavy materials or too big staircase chandeliers.

Last but not least, when you encounter difficulties in choosing a staircase chandelier, you can choose a reliable and professional staircase chandelier manufacturer to provide you with a suitable solution. This will be a time-saving and labor-saving method.

If you have any questions about choosing a staircase chandelier, welcome to contact K&Y Lighting. We will try our best to support you.

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