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The Effect of Different Color Temperatures on Mood

Posted on:  13th.Sep.2021

In interior decoration, the use of light sources with different color temperatures can create atmospheres with different feelings, and even affect people’s emotions. In addition, color temperature is very important for decorative lighting. Different color temperatures will even affect the appearance of decorative lighting, leaving a different feeling.

For example, warm colors can create a warm, romantic, and comfortable atmosphere, while cool colors can calm people and make the vision clearer. Please check the below picture of different color temperatures, It will help you better understand the effect of color temperature on people and decorative lighting.

kelvin-color temperature scale

In the lighting industry, the color temperature of light sources is generally divided into three categories:

  1. Warm light

The color temperature of warm light is generally around 3000K, similar to incandescent lamps, with more red light components. The warm light will give people a warm and comfortable feeling; the use of warm light in decorative lighting can effectively create a gentle and romantic atmosphere.

  1. Natural light

The color temperature of natural light is generally around 4000K. Natural light will make people feel comfortable, calm, and peaceful. Natural light is between warm light and cold light, which is a choice closer to the natural state.

  1. Cold light

The color temperature of cold light is generally around 5000K~6000K. The cold light source is relatively close to natural light, giving people a bright feeling and can make people concentrate.

After knowing more about the different color temperatures, how do we choose a suitable color temperature for our own decorative lighting? In general, we have to choose the color temperature according to the environment and different types of lighting. In the lighting industry, the use of warm light and cold light is more common.

Color Temperature

For example, in general, the decorative lighting of western restaurants will use warm-colored light sources. Western restaurants need to create a romantic atmosphere and give people a comfortable dining experience. Warm light is the first choice.

crystal chandelier with warm color for restaurant

In addition to western restaurants, places suitable for warm lighting decoration include hotel lobbies, lounges, reading rooms, etc. These places that need to give people a sense of comfort are most suitable for warm light.

On the contrary, for offices, conference rooms, and other workplaces, it is best to use cold light for decorative lighting. Cold light can make it easier to concentrate, which is conducive to concentrate on work.

Office lighting with cold light

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