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The Hospitality Lighting Ultimate Guide

Posted on: 6th.May.2021

The hospitality lighting also called hotel lighting. If you have a hotel project, would like to know more about hotel lighting and complete the project well, please check this guide, you will have some ideas after reading it.

What is hospitality lighting?

The hospitality lighting is mainly divided into decorative lighting and functional lighting.

As your decorative lighting manufacturer, K&Y Lighting is very good at all kinds of decorative lighting designs. Usually, K&Y provides excellent decorative lighting for hotel projects.

There are hotel chandeliers, hotel pendant lights, hotel ceiling lighting, hotel wall sconces, hotel table lamps, hotel floor lamps, etc. Decorative lighting is the most important part of hotel lighting and even affects the style of the entire hotel.

The functional lighting mainly plays the role of lighting, assisted by decorative lighting to complete the lighting project of the hotel.

Today, K&Y Lighting will show you some decorative hotel lighting guide for your reference.

hospitality lighting


What is the main hotel lighting?

  • Hotel lobby lighting

Lobby Ceiling Light

The hotel lobby is an important reception area in the hotel, and the lobby ceiling light will make the hotel lobby looks so luxurious and brilliant.

K&Y Lighting has many excellent lobby ceiling light designs for your choice, such as modern ceiling lamps, mid-century modern ceiling lights, star ceiling lights, crystal ceiling lights, gold crystal ceiling lights, luxury ceiling lights, modern luxury ceiling lights, high-end ceiling lights, and so on.

Lobby Ceiling Light

Hotel Lobby Chandelier

The hotel lobby chandelier is another popular hotel lighting design. A luxury chandelier will make the hotel lobby more beautiful.

K&Y Lighting has released lots of lobby chandeliers for many hotel projects, like Maria Theresa chandeliers, art glass chandeliers, large modern chandeliers, large wrought iron chandeliers, modern luxury chandeliers, long-chain chandeliers, empire chandeliers, Baccarat chandeliers, large candle chandeliers, etc.

  • Hotel Ballroom Lighting

The ballroom is a spacious space with the function of conducting lectures, meetings, or events, which means that lighting fixtures should meet various requirements.

The ballroom lighting including many different types, there are chandeliers/ceiling lights/pendant lights, wall sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps.

K&Y Lighting is your hotel lighting supplier, we have a lot of hotel ballroom lighting for your reference. Besides, K&Y can custom lighting for your hotel ballroom, actually, we have done many wedding ballroom lighting for our client’s hotel.

Hotel Ballroom Lighting

  • Hotel Hallway Lighting

The hallway lighting usually used wall lights, pendant hallway lighting, hallway lighting fixtures ceiling. The hotel hallway lighting has the function of decoration and lighting.

  • Restaurant Lighting

The restaurant lighting can use different types of lighting to decorate, such as contemporary pendant lights, crystal pendant lamps, crystal ceiling lights, modern ceiling lights, luxury crystal chandeliers, antique chandeliers, modern chandeliers, glass chandeliers, and so on.

Also, the hotel restaurant can use wall lights, floor lamps, and table lamps to match the pendant light or chandelier.

Restaurant Lighting

  • Hotel Room Lighting

The starting point of hotel bedroom lighting is based on the overall lighting plus decorative lighting to create an atmosphere. The hotel room lighting fixtures usually in modern style.

Usually, we can use ceiling lights, pendant lights, or chandeliers as the main light source, and set up wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps as decorative lighting or accent lighting to reduce the contrast of indoor lighting.

Hotel Room Lighting

  • Hotel Bar Lighting

Bar lighting does not need too bright a light. Generally, bar lighting fixtures will use lights with strong decoration and poor lighting effects. K&Y Lighting is your professional hotel lighting supplier, will always provide you a suitable bar lighting ideas.


Why does hotel lighting usually need custom lighting?

Usually, hotel lighting will choose custom lighting. Do you know the reason? Below, K&Y Lighting will show you some reasons:

  • Custom lighting is more flexible.

In fact, the hotel project has many special requirements for hotel lighting. At this time, custom lighting can meet the special requirements for shape, size, weight, etc. Compared with conventional lighting, custom lighting is more flexible. Moreover, there are many types of hotel lighting, and conventional lighting can hardly meet the requirements.

  • Custom lighting is easier to meet different hotel styles

Every hotel project hopes to have its own unique style. Custom lighting can help hotels achieve their own style. Compared with home decoration, hotel projects have more application scenarios and require many different types of hotel lighting. According to different hotel usage scenarios, different finishes, materials, shapes, styles can be customized.

  • Custom lighting makes it easier to catch up with the lighting trend

Custom lighting can not only combine traditional styles, but also popular elements. Nowadays, the hotel project like to combine different styles, in this time, the hospitality lighting custom in different styles will meet the needs.

  • Custom lighting can meet different budgets for a different hotel

Custom lighting can meet the requirements of hotels with different budgets. For some economy hotels, hotel lighting can meet the needs through custom materials or styles. For luxury hotel projects, bespoke lighting can use high-end materials to produce.

Custom lighting

How to find the most suitable hospitality lighting manufacturer for your hotel project?

Finding a reliable and professional hospitality lighting manufacturer is very important to complete your hotel project well. How to find the most suitable hotel lighting manufacturer for your hotel project? Let K&Y Lighting shows you some information.

  1. Where to find hospitality lighting manufacturer

The easiest and most direct way is to take part in the lighting exhibition. Then you could search on the Google or B2B platform to know which hotel lighting supplier is excellent and suitable for you.

  1. Visiting the hotel lighting manufacturer website

The second step is to visit the lighting supplier website and know more about them or their lighting products. Know their factory address. After you have a general understanding of this lighting manufacturer, you will have a communication with them.

K&Y Lighting - Your Good Hotel Lighting Supplier

  1. Learn about the supplier lighting products

Understand what type of lighting the supplier is best at making and the quality of the lighting product. The quality of hotel lighting products is always the most important.

  1. Know about the previously completed hotel project

From the completed hotel projects, you can learn about the hotel lighting supplier’s capabilities. How many projects the lighting supplier has completed and what types of projects can provide you with a reference.

  1. Visiting the hotel lighting supplier factory

You’d better visit the hospitality lighting manufacturer factory by yourself if possible. It is the best way to know the hotel lighting manufacturer. There will be a clearer understanding of the supplier’s lighting products, production capacity.

  1. What kind of certification the lighting supplier has

You need to know what kind of certification the lighting supplier has, such as CE, UL, PSE, RoHS, SAA, ETL, and so on. It means the hotel lighting will meet the safety and quality requirements.

hotel lighting certifications


Why K&Y Lighting will be your best hotel lighting supplier?

As a professional and reliable hospitality lighting manufacturer, K&Y Lighting will be your best choice for hotel lighting.

  • K&Y Lighting has a professional design team

K&Y Lighting is one of the most professional hospitality lighting manufacturers in China, having an excellent designer team to support your hotel project. The K&Y Lighting designers have completed many difficult hotel projects with good experience in hotel lighting. Our designers know about hospitality lighting fixtures, always design the most suitable decorative lighting for different hotels. You will have a good hotel lighting solution from K&Y Lighting.

hospitality lighting professional design team

  • K&Y Lighting with a good experience production team

After designing your hotel lighting, the next and important process is production. A professional production team with more than 10 years of experience in producing hotel lighting fixtures can make sure your hotel lighting is of high quality. Besides, K&Y Lighting has our own metal workshop, and we do all the metalwork ourselves. It ensures the high quality of hospitality lighting and on-time delivery.

hospitality lighting production team

  • K&Y Lighting has a reliable QC team

The reliable QC team is very important for guarantee the hotel lighting quality. As your excellent hospitality lighting company, K&Y Lighting with a professional QC team to check every production process, such as control quality of raw materials, control quality in hardware frame, control quality in finished lighting product, control quality in packaging, etc.

hospitality lighting QC team

  • K&Y Lighting has an excellent after-sales service team

For the hotel project, the after-sales service is an important part. There are many questions of the hotel lighting installation need to communicate with the clients, also includes technical guidance. As your reliable hotel lighting supplier, K&Y Lighting with a patient after-sales service team, we will provide you with excellent after-sales service.

  • K&Y Lighting has stable and long-term cooperation with raw material suppliers

K&Y Lighting provides various materials for your hotel lighting design, such as copper, iron, aluminum, crystal, glass, acrylic, resin, or any other material type you need. The quality of raw materials has a great influence on the final quality of hotel lighting. K&Y Lighting has long-term cooperation with raw material suppliers to ensure that the raw materials have stable quality.

  • K&Y Lighting has full experience in hotel lighting

K&Y Lighting is one of the most professional and excellent hospitality lighting manufacturers from China, we have done a lot of hotel projects in different markets with good experience in hotel lighting. K&Y Lighting custom thousands of hotel lighting for different style hotels, and we know about the lighting market. With K&Y full experience in hospitality lighting design, you will have an excellent hotel lighting solution.

Hotel chandlier

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