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What Should You Take into Consideration before Buying a chandelier?

Posted on: 7th.Jun.2021

An excellent and suitable chandelier will make your home more beautiful and comfortable. Chandelier with its elegant style is a good way to decorate your house, is one of the classic home lighting. But how to choose chandeliers for your home? What should you take into consideration when you purchasing chandeliers?

K&Y Lighting, as your professional chandelier manufacturer in China, we have a good understanding of choosing chandeliers in different ways. Today, K&Y Lighting will tell some information that you need to do to find the perfect chandelier for your home.

crystal chandelier for restaurant

Various kinds of chandeliers

Actually, chandeliers have many different types, such as different styles, different shapes, different materials, and so on. Choosing a chandelier, you can’t make a hasty decision just because you like it.

When you choose chandeliers for your house or project, you must consider the suitable style, the size of the scene, and the suitable shape, and then choose different materials according to your needs.

Focus on the following details, you will have a better understanding of choosing a chandelier.

Different shapes of chandelier

With the continuous development of the lighting market, chandeliers have developed many different shapes. In the past, there were only simple chandeliers, but now the styles and shapes of chandeliers emerge endlessly, which brings more challenges to your choice.

There are long rectangular chandeliers, round chandeliers, string chandeliers, lantern chandeliers, cluster chandeliers, drum chandeliers, etc. The choice of chandelier shape is mainly based on the use scenarios. For example, you need to choose staircase chandeliers, the string chandelier will be more suitable; the living room with a low ceiling, flush mount ceiling chandelier will be a good choice.

Different shapes of chandelier

Style of chandelier

In addition to various shapes, chandeliers also have different styles, such as a modern chandelier, industrial chandelier, classical chandelier, traditional chandelier, rustic chandelier, antique chandelier, luxury chandelier, Maria Theresa chandelier, Baccarat chandelier, empire chandelier, Scandinavian chandelier, and so on.

When you choosing a chandelier, you need to consider which one best matches the interior decor style you already have in your house. For example, the empire chandelier is quite suitable for high-end villa decoration with antique style. An industrial chandelier and modern-style house collocation will be a perfect choice. Anyway, it’s important to choose a proper style of chandelier for your home.

Style of chandelier

Dimension and weight of the chandelier

In addition, the size and weight of the chandelier are also important factors affecting the selection.

No matter how beautiful a chandelier looks, if your home can’t support it, it’s not the right choice. Think about how you’re going to hang up your new chandelier. So when choosing the chandelier, please consider the load-bearing of the ceiling.

About the size of the chandelier, it depends on your house dimension and the space you install. For example, the installation of chandeliers on the dining table should be determined by the size of the dining table and the height of the ceiling. The perfect distance between the chandelier and the desktop is 30-36 inches.

chandelier for home decor

Material of chandelier

Actually, the chandelier also has many different materials, like a crystal chandelier, glass chandelier, acrylic chandelier, brass chandelier, wrought iron chandelier, wood chandelier, and so on. By choosing what kind of materials the chandelier is depended on your house style and your requirements.

If you would like to select a chandelier for villa projects, the brass chandelier and crystal chandelier are perfect. The material of the chandelier usually decides according to the house style. K&Y Lighting is one of the most professional and excellent chandelier suppliers in China, we can custom any kind of materials for chandeliers.

Above are some suggestions from K&Y Lighting for selecting chandeliers, we hope it is helpful to you.

We are K&Y Lighting, one of your reliable and professional chandelier manufacturers from China, having thousands of chandelier designs for your choice. Besides, K&Y Lighting is also good at custom chandeliers, we have completed many different custom chandeliers for our clients, with good experience.

If you still have no idea to choose chandeliers, you are welcome to contact us, our professional design team will provide you a good and suitable solution.

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