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Your Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Chandeliers

Posted on: 15th.Jun.2021

Nowadays, the chandelier is more and more popular in interior design. According to the lighting market trends, chandeliers have developed a lot of different styles. If you have a plan to add a chandelier to your home, or you would like to place a chandelier order for sales, there are many different styles of chandeliers to choose from. It is very important to know what kind of chandeliers you can choose from.

K&Y Lighting, one of the most professional and excellent chandelier manufacturers in China, has a good understanding of different types of chandeliers. Please check the ultimate guide to different types of chandeliers below, hope it can help you to select chandeliers when you needed.

  • By Materials

crystal chandelier

Crystal Chandeliers

The crystal chandelier is named after its materials. Actually, crystal chandeliers have a lot of different forms that can match your different decoration needs. In the lighting market, the crystal chandelier is one of the classical and popular chandelier styles. Crystal chandeliers are widely used in many different spaces, like hotels, villas, apartments, offices, restaurants, and so on. Choosing a crystal chandelier for sales or for your own decoration will be a good choice.

K&Y Lighting is your professional chandelier manufacturer from China, we are very good at designing and producing crystal chandeliers. Actually, K&Y Lighting has released a lot of excellent crystal chandelier designs for our clients, such as rectangular crystal chandeliers, crystal waterfall chandeliers, Maria Theresa crystal chandeliers, Baccarat crystal chandeliers, luxury crystal chandeliers, etc.

glass chandelier

Glass Chandeliers

Another chandelier type named for its material is glass chandelier. The glass chandeliers are made in a wide range of designs, you will have no problem finding one to fit your style. There are modern glass chandeliers, antique glass chandeliers, luxury glass chandeliers, large glass chandeliers, small glass chandeliers, bubble glass chandeliers, blown glass chandeliers, and so on.

The glass chandelier is suitable for interior design with any style, it is one of the best-seller chandelier designs in the lighting market. K&Y Lighting is one of the most professional chandelier manufacturers in China, we are very good at designing and manufacturing glass chandeliers. Most important that we are very professional in custom glass chandeliers, and we have completed a lot of custom glass chandelier projects all over the world.

Acrylic Chandeliers

The acrylic chandelier is more and more popular in interior design now. Mostly, a lot of crystal chandelier designs can change to acrylic chandelier fixtures. K&Y Lighting is your professional chandelier manufacturer in China, we usually release acrylic chandelier designs based on the client’s requirements. Besides, our designer also develop acrylic chandeliers according to the lighting market trends. For home decoration, the acrylic chandelier will be a good choice as well.

Wrought Iron Chandelier

Wrought Iron Chandeliers 

The wrought iron chandelier is made of different metals, such as brass, iron, zinc alloy, etc. Actually, the wrought iron chandelier has luxury and modern style, can meet your different needs for interior design.

K&Y Lighting is very professional in wrought iron chandeliers, actually, we have many different wrought iron chandelier designs. What’s more, K&Y Lighting releases a new wrought iron chandelier nearly every month to support your choice.

  • By Styles

modern chandelier

Modern Chandeliers

The modern chandelier also called contemporary chandelier is one of the popular chandelier fixtures in interior design. A modern chandelier with its simple design is very suitable for home decoration. Compared with traditional chandelier, modern chandelier seems to be a younger design.

As your reliable chandelier supplier, K&Y Lighting has a lot of modern chandelier designs for your choice. In addition, our R&D department nearly releases new modern chandelier designs every month to make sure you have enough chandelier fixtures for selection.

antique chandelier

Antique Chandeliers

Compared with modern chandeliers, the antique chandelier seems to be an old design. But antique chandelier always keeps developing to meet the lighting fashion. Actually, the antique chandelier is not only popular in interior design, but also in event decoration, even for hotel projects.

As your professional and excellent chandelier supplier from China, K&Y Lighting has a lot of antique chandelier fixtures for your selection. All of our antique chandeliers are of high quality and elegant style.

luxury chandelier

Luxury Chandeliers

The luxury chandelier is quite popular in hotel projects and high-end villa projects. Usually, the luxury chandelier is made of high-quality materials, having a lot of different forms. K&Y Lighting is working with the high-end market, and we have many different luxury chandelier designs for your choice. Most important that K&Y Lighting is very professional in designing and manufacturing luxury chandeliers.

Empire Chandelier

Empire Chandeliers

Which is the most classical and traditional chandelier design? Maybe is an empire chandelier. If you have a hotel project, or you would like to decorate a luxury villa, an empire chandelier will be a good choice. The empire chandelier usually has luxury style, made of high-quality crystals. An excellent empire chandelier usually makes your home more brilliant and shiny.

Actually, K&Y Lighting has done many different custom empire chandeliers for different projects. Usually, our designer will design empire chandeliers based on the requirements. With good experience in designing and producing empire chandeliers, K&Y Lighting will be your best choice.

  • By Shapes

 Raindrop Chandelier

Raindrop Chandeliers

One of the most popular designs of chandeliers is called raindrop chandeliers. This style is almost what it sounds like, the raindrop chandelier looks like falling rain. The raindrop chandelier also called the water drop chandelier, is a modern-style chandelier, which is one of the popular staircase chandelier designs from home decoration.

But there is a tip that the raindrop chandelier for staircase chandelier will take up a lot of vertical space, if your room doesn’t have a high ceiling, you might avoid using them.

As one of the chandelier suppliers in China, K&Y Lighting also has many excellent raindrop chandeliers for selection. In addition, K&Y Lighting is also a good custom chandelier manufacturer, we have completed lots of custom raindrop chandeliers for different projects.

Tiered Chandelier

Tiered Chandeliers

The tiered chandelier has developed a lot in recent years. There are more and more excellent tiered chandeliers have been released to catch the lighting fashion. The tiered chandelier is widely used in the dining room, kitchen, entryway, and living room.

K&Y Lighting is an excellent chandelier manufacturer from China, we usually release suitable tiered chandelier designs for our clients, according to their different needs. All of our tiered chandeliers are of high quality.

Drum Chandelier

Drum Chandeliers

The drum chandelier is one of the chandelier designs with a lampshade and is famous for its unique design. Drum chandeliers also have traditional and modern styles, you should choose a suitable one based on your needs. This chandelier is very suitable for office space or study. This is a casual chandelier for comfortable spaces.

Bowl Chandeliers

The bowl chandelier is a simple design chandelier. The bowl chandelier is just like its name. It looks like a bowl. Don’t you find this interesting? The bowl chandelier is usually made of a glass or acrylic cover, matched with your favorite color palette. The soft light shines on the lampshade, creating a romantic and comfortable atmosphere, which is very suitable for bedroom use.

Beaded Chandelier

Beaded Chandeliers

The beaded chandelier is another popular chandelier design in interior design and event decoration. Beaded chandeliers are usually made of glass beads or wooden beads, and even shells.

K&Y Lighting is one of the most excellent chandelier manufacturers in China, we usually design beaded chandeliers according to the client’s needs. Actually, K&Y Lighting has completed many beaded chandeliers for event decoration.

Caged Chandelier

Caged Chandeliers

The caged chandelier is one of the modern chandelier designs, which best seller in interior design. The caged chandelier is usually made of iron with different finished colors. Usually, caged chandeliers are used in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and so on.

As your professional chandelier manufacturer in China, K&Y Lighting has many different caged chandeliers for your choice. Actually, K&Y Lighting has developed lots of custom designs for caged chandeliers.

No matter what style you like, there will always be a chandelier that suits you. Knowing more about the chandelier will help you make a choice. If you still have any other questions about the chandelier, please feel free to contact K&Y Lighting, our professional sales team will provide you with a good solution.

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